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Luckesi (1994, P. 29) speaks on the act of filosofar, what it explains the attitude of the minister: To initiate the exercise of filosofar, the first thing to make is to admit that we live and we live deeply values and that they are necessary to know which are. The first step of filosofar is to inventory the values that explain and guide our life, and the life of the society, and that the purposes of the practical human being dimensionam. When making the inventory of the values of the Brazilian education, the minister leaves of side the education concept as redemption of the society. This trend is characterized for redeeming groups or individuals that by any reason live to the edge of the economic structure, social politics and of the system, as it is the case, for example, of the pupils of the EJA, particularly the workers. ' ' The redentora trend intends ' ' curar' ' the society of its mazelas, adaptando the individuals to the society model (that in the deep one, that one is not another seno that it takes care of to the dominant interests).

' ' (LUCKESI, 1994, P. 49). The minister also leaves of side the concept of education as reproductive of the society, where this if characterizes for reproducing citizens with the same effective values in the system, perpetuating itself. ' ' The reprodutivista trend affirms that the education is not if not an instance of reproduction of the society model which serves, that in the case of the gift, vigente.&#039 is the society; ' (LUCKESI, 1994, P. 49). The philosophical position of the minister, on the truth, if bases on an education as transformation of the society that if characterizes as an instrument dialtico and critical, capable not only to redeem or to reproduce citizens, but above all to become it capable to transform for more good, its economic yearnings, social politicians and, at any time of its existence, that according to Luckesi (1994, P.

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