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Infantile Education

For Collet and Oliveira (2002), in the nursing this phase can be defined as preschool, and understands of the 2 to the 6 years, approximately. Considering the affinity for the nursing studies, the characteristics of the cognitivo and social development in this phase can be pointed then related by these authors, formation nurses. The trend to the domain attempt exists… (more…)

The State And Children

Amongst the measures it is the shelter, as a protection possibility. The shelter if becomes one> necessity when the family or responsible for the child or the adolescent does not obtain to also accomplish the essential right to the formation and the development of its children and when the State efficiently does not act by means of public and social… (more…)

The Prevalence

The half of the aged ones that they fall makes it of reiterated form. If the sub-group of the aged ones with more than 80 years will be considered, residents in its domiciles, about 50% falls at least a time to the year. In some studies, the prevalence of falls is greater in women, surely joined to its bigger life… (more…)

Obsttrica Nursing

The attention to the woman in its puerperal gravdico cycle still is very focada in the tecnicista and biomedical model, that takes the woman the dispensable interventionist procedures. The unnecessary consequence of hospitalization in the childbirth and surgical interventions take to a significant increase of the index of maternal-infantile morbimortalidade and hospital infections. Beyond institutionalization of this woman in labor… (more…)

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