Infantile Education

For Collet and Oliveira (2002), in the nursing this phase can be defined as preschool, and understands of the 2 to the 6 years, approximately. Considering the affinity for the nursing studies, the characteristics of the cognitivo and social development in this phase can be pointed then related by these authors, formation nurses. The trend to the domain attempt exists on the proper child and known objects. The experience of death and the possible one loses of the capacity to dominate the cares it given can generate then frustration and anger, making it difficult the performance of the nursing. The positive results that the children it gets in this phase bring the possibility of self-knowledge. This self-knowledge of to the child the security. In the hospital environment it is not possible to make possible as many positive experiences for the child. In the truth, the environment in itself already is a negative experience, what it makes it difficult the possibility of the nursing auxiliary the child in this situation.

The first act of apparent socialization in this phase is to call somebody that can satisfy a necessity or desire. In hospital all will not be gifts the important people for the child at the same time, for questions of infection, control of entrance and exit, tumult for the development of the activities of nursing. This, associated to the unreliability and the anger, finishes for frustrating more still the child and to potencializar these negative experiences, without it if feels to the will to display its feelings and to work them (Collet and Oliveira, 2002). For curiosity, it uses objects in set with other children, not for the intention of partilhar, but for the tolerance and curiosity. It is on this curiosity that the nursing can intervine with the therapeutical toy and the orientaes.

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