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It presenteou me to the life with loved beings and special, with them I started to engatinhar, later walking together.My love became unconditional, at least in my narrow vision.I taught and I learned at the same time.It did not have a magical prescription, only simplicity and sincerity, with these measures, I conquered step by step, confidence, security in same me.… (more…)

Final Happiness

Now that we improve of situation, why not to give an aid to that they walk behind us? When the man arrives at the apogee of the life, must help what he comes behind. We must pay what others had made for us bringing them for the same ways. The way of the life is one only, all will pass… (more…)


The eminence of encircles me to the shyness. Educate yourself with thoughts from kitchens. It hinders me to say how much IT is important for me Exactly when I tried, it to hear did not want me They are funny and coarse they take me to the reasons to believe that he is what more I want Today, in the… (more…)

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