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The Gap

Thus, the tile that passes through both the template will be less than the standard, but has not passed any through one – more. Application for such tiles can be found only one thing – cutting. – If you're going to lay tile on top of the system "warm floor" is needed headband! Without a tie, most likely will not… (more…)

Laminate – A Modern Floor

Floor covering – an essential attribute of any interior. Without him, none of the repairs have not been completed. Bright pages of glossy magazines are filled with images of gorgeous floors covered with wood parquet, ceramic tile or stone. But is this really natural materials? And see if this beauty is the price? Most often, it turns out that the… (more…)

Choose Laminate

Tarkett laminate flooring stands out among the other laminates with its rich collection of decor, where you can find not only common tree species, but endangered and rare species. Tarkett Laminate repeats the natural wood drawing, and relief at the touch gives a feeling of real wood. Panel surface is resistant to any chemical attack and easy to clean. Laminate… (more…)

Molecular Fiber

Unlike proprietary fiber lies in its anti-static and stain-resistant properties. To solve these problems or is covered with coir fiber composition (Teflon), or to impart antistatic properties to the fiber at the molecular level are added graphite additives, or metallic fibril. Various forms of fiber cross section can achieve the effect of 'invisibility' of dirt, and 'light play' of the… (more…)

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