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House Technology

Alexei Kokorin – representative of the Russian branch of wwf (World Wildlife Fund) – advises the change, first of all, our consumer habits: do not leave lighted lamps in empty rooms, turn off unused appliances, more opportunities to use natural lighting. Experts also recommend to follow the example of Europe and abandon the incandescent lamps. They are extremely inefficient convert… (more…)

Energy Saving

Electric light applys electricity and contributes not only to making the day longer but also improves the people’s living conditions. Electrical energy transformed light source – a lamp with a lamp located therein, in light, is in the future to create indoor artificial lighting. Traditionally, there are incandescent and the new lamps Cons: high heat, fragility, significant consumption of electricity… (more…)

Professional Installation Of Interior Doors

Interroom door can be delivered to you assembled or unassembled. The composition of modern door system should be ready to enter the door frame, hinges, stop, sills, lock plate, and trim, which can have already finished look, if they cut off an angle of 45 . Installation of interior doors is always the same sequence. It begins with careful preparation… (more…)

Petersburg Military Engineering Technical University

From the results of a study of the soil depends largely choose the type of house foundation, waterproofing materials and technologies. For example, if a house put to the lower parts of the area, he faces regular due to rains and melting snow. Therefore, the design phase is necessary to provide drainage fallen precipitation. Another important point is that all… (more…)

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