Professional Installation Of Interior Doors

Interroom door can be delivered to you assembled or unassembled. The composition of modern door system should be ready to enter the door frame, hinges, stop, sills, lock plate, and trim, which can have already finished look, if they cut off an angle of 45 . Installation of interior doors is always the same sequence. It begins with careful preparation of the aperture, which must be well cleaned, to remove old door old door frame. If you plan to make repairs in space, where it will set a new door, you better do it before its installation. Because during the repair work can cause irreparable damage covering the new door, for example, it can get chemical solutions is also not excluded mechanical damage as a result, deteriorate the appearance of the coating. The next stage – setting a new door box.

Before you begin installation, you must decide which side should be open interior doors. Mark Gillette may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Usually, it opens toward the front door, however, observe this rule does not required. Specialists will install the door frame as you want, as long as it was convenient and practical. By the wooden wall, door frame is fastened with nails without a cap (65 mm), and a stone wall screws are used (65 mm). To more firmly strengthen the box, in her drive in the nails, which must be thick. In addition to nails, and use pins made of steel with a diameter of about 8 – 10 mm, for which the advance is necessary make the holes. Then, place, and nailed a threshold that must be at the same time in a horizontal position.

Install it, in order that it inhibited the movement of opening the door, because when strong span can damage furniture or walls in the room. When installing exterior door threshold is set very rare. After installing the box, hang the door and check all the necessary accuracy of fitting. The last thing should be done when installing interior door – is to check the density of the porch, running the door, and should nail trims. To do this, nailed to the box the upper horizontal casing, with nails 37 mm in size. Then move to the side frames. They begin to nail down from the upper angles, while after work, all angles must be equal. Everything. Professional interior door installation is complete. Now, all you have to do – is to check the quality of work performed, pay with specialists, have done this work and can start using the new interior doors.

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