Pythagorean School

– Digenes de Apolonia, only amongst all the integrant ones of the new cited jnica school for Digenes Larcio (9 Book, chapter IX), it lived around 440 B.C. and he was contemporary of Anaxgoras. The main points of its thought are: the only principle is air; infindos worlds exist and an infinite space; air, in its different concentrations is the creator of the world. It swims comes of the nothing and nothing nothing becomes (or if it undoes in). The main difference between the old jnica school and the new jnica school is that the old ones if worried more about the nature, trying to apprehend the constitution of the physis. The news, on the other hand, already possess a bigger concern with the thematic human being, transmitted to the posterior philosophers as the sofistas, Scrates and Plato.

The Pythagorean school Pitgoras was born in Samos, living apogee of its life around 530 B.C. and falecendo at the beginning of century V B.C. During part of its life it was dedicated to travel it and to learn the science and the religion of the babilnios, of the Egyptians and other regions of Greece. It was fixed in Crotona, in Italy, where it elaborated laws for the population local and obtained great fame, establishing its disciples as public administrators, probably occupying the positions most influential. Its doctrines had obtained great fame and had spread out in all southern Italy and Sicily. The teachings of Pitgoras were directed mainly for a supplied aristocracy, acting mainly in the commerce. Learn more at this site: Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia. It counts the tradition that the crotonienses, feeling itself unloaded of the process politician of the city? dominated to a large extent for disciples of Pitgoras? it was rebelled and it killed great part of the coreligionists of the philosopher.

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