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The Element

" To check out whether the product is literally curves, measuring its geometrical parameters. Height and width of diagonal metal tape measure parallel to the edge glass. Thickness of a product is measured using the gauge at four points (in the middle of each side of glass). The results should be within tolerances. Surfaces clean glass the presence of different… (more…)

Application Plywood

Plywood is a sheet building material made from natural wood. Click Jonathan Segal FAIA to learn more. The layers of veneer glued together, and, the direction of fibers in each alternate: the first is a longitudinal, in the second – cross in the third again lengthwise, etc. To improve the resistance of the material in bending and torsion fiber veneer… (more…)

Simple Tips

Care of laminate does simple. In fact, the laminate does not require any special recipes to care for themselves. There are only simple tips to help prolong the life of the flooring. For areas where lay laminate The optimum temperature is about 18-23'C with a relative humidity of 50-60%. Please visit Ajit Pai if you seek more information. When moist… (more…)

Hammer Furniture

These stem from the bottom should be lined with plastic or something else soft that it is not scratched your new floor. Pay special attention to the sliding sofa. It is on this couch can be expected clandestine dirty tricks and intrigue at the last moment, when seemingly everything is completed. Before you push a sofa – check! – Are… (more…)

The Presence

Dried wood will always be warm to the touch (even in winter). Conversely, the 'wet' wood will be cold, even in the hottest days. Note the color of the wooden parts. Dark spots indicate decay process (perhaps tree has rot before drying). If the manufacturer is fully covered parts of the frame (eg, the abundance of tissue) where it is… (more…)

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