Laminated Plywood

Laminated veneer called having both sides coated bumagosmolyanoy film based on formaldehyde resins. This material is distinguished by high density, strength, endurance and ability to withstand moisture. Coverage is divided into two types: decorative and industrial purposes. In both cases it is applied in order to increase the resistance of the material from natural wood environmental effects. As a rule, basis of a birch veneer or a combination, but can be used and softwood plywood.

The use of laminated veneer laminated plywood widely used in construction, furniture manufacturing, commercial and warehouse equipment, transport engineering. In addition, it is actively used for finishing a variety of areas. Building Strong and durable laminated veneer material used for manufacturing shuttering forms. The film, based on formaldehyde resin protects the surface from moisture and corrosive compounds, can withstand abrasion. To prevent swelling of the ends of the boards they are treated with waterproof paint.

Thus, shuttering plywood can be used repeatedly, in almost any production environment. It is used in the construction of foundations, columns, ceilings, walls and bridges and tunnels. In addition, by using laminated plywood carried outbuildings, fences, storage buildings. Of this material is made partitions, make non-slip floor. Also, laminated plywood is one of the most common materials for the production of interior doors. Finishing room when interior decoration of various types of plywood used for the production decorative wall panels, window sills, stationary and movable partitions. For lining used translucent colored film, gives the material form of natural wood.

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