The Prevalence

The half of the aged ones that they fall makes it of reiterated form. If the sub-group of the aged ones with more than 80 years will be considered, residents in its domiciles, about 50% falls at least a time to the year. In some studies, the prevalence of falls is greater in women, surely joined to its bigger life expectancy. (GANANCA, 2010). In institucional environments (hospitals and asylums), the prevalence of falls is still bigger.

Thus if it considers, that institutionalized 45% of the aged ones had fallen the least a time (GONALVES, 2009). Gonalves (2009) made a study to evaluate and to compare the functional balance of aged of the community without history of falls, with an episode of fall and recurrent falls. It was a study of transversal cut with sample consisting of 96 individuals, equal or superior age the 65 years, residents in the community and equally divided in three groups in accordance with the description of falls told in the last year. The study it concluded, that the aged ones with description of falls had presented comprometimento in the evaluation of the functional balance in relation to those without falls. These data disclose the importance of the tests of balance in practical the aged clnicacomoinstrumentos of tracing of the more susceptible to the event falls.

FALL OF AGED 2,1 Definition, causes and Menezes effect (2009) define fall as a not-intentional displacement of the body for an inferior level to the initial position, with incapacity of correction in skillful time, determined for multifactorial circumstances that compromise the stability. Multiple are the causes of falls, being able to be grouped in intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Between the first ones, the physiological alterations of the aged one, pathological conditions and adverse medication effect meet; or concomitant medicine use. For even more details, read what Gavin Baker says on the issue. Among the extrinsic factors, the ambient perigos and inadequate footwear are distinguished.

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