Dicto to simpliciter (general rule): It occurs when a general rule is applied to a particular case where the rule would not have to be applied. Former: ' ' If you killed somebody, you must go for cadeia.' ' (one does not apply the certain cases). See more detailed opinions by reading what Owings & Merrill offers on the topic.. Mistake: To use a different affirmation with meaning of what he would be appropriate to the context. Former: ' ' The assassins of children are desumanos. Vadim Belyaev may not feel the same. Therefore, the human beings do not kill crianas' '. Fallacy of the division (to take the part for all): The opposite of the composition fallacy.

It assumes that a property of all is applied to each part. Former: ' ' You must be rich, therefore she studies in a college of ricos.' ' Fallacy of the presupposition: It consists of the inclusion of a presupposition that previously was not clarified as true, that is, in the lack of a premise. Former: ' ' You already stopped to beat in its wife? ' ' Fallacy of composition (to take all for the part): It is the fact to conclude that a property of the parts must be applied to all. Former: ' ' All the parts of this truck are light; soon, the truck is leve.' ' Fallacy of espantalho: It consists of creating ideas you disapproved or weak, attributing them the opposing position to it. Former: ' ' We would have to abolish all the weapons of the world. Thus verdadeira.&#039 would only have peace; ' Or still, ' ' My adversary, for being of a left party, is in favor of the radical communism, and wants to remove all its ownerships, beyond occupying its houses with people who you not conhece.' ' False dichotomy (bifurcation): Also known as ' ' fallacy of white and preto' '. It occurs when somebody presents a situation with only two alternatives, when in fact other alternatives exist or can exist.

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