To Construct The Happiness

A thing is to be alive and another one is to live the life, remembers Alex Rovira in a suggestive reflection. Certain that approaches he it from the necessity to do a written personal trip ticket to us with description of the reasons for the change, with a listing of concrete objectives, the resources to secure those desires and nothing less than with the fixation of the time of accomplishment. And signs that it to seal the commitment. All this remembers me to process to the North American manuals of self-help, you yes that are worth, you you can obtain it, the will reaches everything. With the consequent own frustrations of the diets thinning express or the courses to learn English in seven days. it does not seem to me serious. Perhaps because, in my 70 years, lived with the intensity that I have known and I been able, they alarm these voluntarisms to me that as much damage have done when generations of parents tried that their children reached professional goals, academic and labor that they never could, clearly, because they were other times and we did not have everything what you you have! My experience like Professor of university in that I have studied and taught, reflected and shared saberes during 50 years, has shown the consequences to me of that madness to value having more the being, obtaining degrees before the wisdom, transforming the memory into a warehouse instead of to help to construct a structured good head.

is not so much a head either full like of a head or organized, said Montaigne. That to send itself to by the objectives, at all costs, still putting into play the personal happiness does not produce mature and integrated citizens. To maintain actually that is worth more what more hill is another aberration that has produced enormous victims.

Nonschool Institutions

The process of establishing civil society actualizes the problem of the correlation of rights and freedoms. Social guarantees are considered a full human existence today as a prerequisite positive social development. This explains the attention of the psychological-pedagogical science to the problem of childhood and the issues related to social and legal protection of children. This is the relevance of course work. The problem of child rights and their protection, care about his life, development, education and upbringing of today become human, planetary. However, the situation of children in our country at the beginning of the XXI century is still alarming. Social deprivation, ie, failure, lack or absence of certain conditions, material resources for child survival and development, the current education system, educational opportunities their parents, state Health characterize the situation of children. An increasing number of children – victims of violence, abused by parents, educators, deteriorating health of children, their nutrition, rest.

This is determined by many factors: environmental, economic, social, demographic crisis, which together increase the number of children with physical, mental and intellectual development. The problem of protecting rights children, care about their lives, development, education and education is one of the pressing problems of society. This is evidenced by a number of international documents: "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" (1959), "International Covenant on Economic, Social and "(1960)," Convention on the Rights of the Child "(1989), and other questions of enhancing the individual as a subject of social self-defense, including every individual, children's groups and organizations in active socially meaningful activities in the education of the child a sense of national districts, cities, societies devoted to the study of NP Anikeeva, JK Vasilieva, GV Vinnikova, AO Zosima and others enough coverage in scientific literature are the issues of social policy on child protection (GP Smirnova, VG Arsenov, Y. Larin), the interaction between family and extramural institutions to protect the rights of childhood (PG Doronova). Now it is very urgent face the problem of employment of children after school. Uncommon to see teenagers in the doorways of houses or on the streets, "killed" his spare time by smoking, alcohol consumption, and even drug use. In many ways this is because children are unnaturally busy little socially important activities, poorly organized their leisure time, drastically reduced material, technological and spiritual benefits that traditionally belonged to the childhood and should belong to him.

The Ground

Inside the barbecue grill is removed and barbecue skewers and barbecue. Folding BBQ bottom will suffer largest temperature overload, since it will be burning coals. So if you want the bottom let you down, it should be thicker metal 2-3 mm., Or stainless steel. (By the way, if ever, make the whole Folding stainless steel grill, it will be just an "eternal"). The dimensions depend on the barbecue skewers used 60 and 80 cm for field conditions are more suitable skewers 60cm. Based on the width of the grill of the future will be 40 cm and length of 65cm. The bottom of the grill in the first step is to make the bottom of the grill position 1. The side walls of the base to bend the bar on the dotted line, pre-drilled holes in d = 10mm.

access of oxygen to the coals. The side walls have a barbecue pos.2 size 650h205. To great wall had the opportunity to develop, between the base and walls are mounted on two furniture canopy pos.4 small size. Attach awnings for barbecues can with screws or povoschi welding. Small wall grill Removable wall position 3 are mounted on the bottom and with the help of clamps. To do this, make a slit at the edges (as shown) and produce a bending of the edges these shrih dotted line. From the bottom of the bottom of the welds at the corners of the nut M8, which will in turn be screwed pos.5 legs. As the legs of round timber used d = 8mm.

and a length of 600mm. On the one hand to cut thread M8 distance 10mm. On the other hand it is necessary to sharpen the legs and weld rod segments d = 8mm, L = 30mm. as shown in the figure. Pointed feet brazier of legs used for more rigid fixation of the barbecue to the ground, and the segments welded to the edge are both focusing (to grill under load not go into the ground), and after using the grill 'pen-stop' will allow you to easily unscrew the legs. For the convenience of transport barbecue in the folded position, the side of the base is mounted handle pos.6 (this can be homemade or purchased and handle made of metal). homemade barbecue grill no matter what unfolds spontaneously when you carry one of the walls is equipped with a hook or clamp position 7. Lastly can only paint the grill heat-resistant paint in black. For this purpose, suitable heat-resistant paint spray cans to that used for painting exhaust pipes in cars. These paints can withstand temperatures of 600 degrees, and the paint will not be burnt. By the way, barbeque grill and begin to cook when the coals start to "go gray", ie wash ash. He lightly "escapes" excessive heat coals. This handy collapsible grill, not only when traveling to a picnic and a barbecue. Will it be useful to tourists and fishermen, and as the source – the stove. Heating on the fire or in a grill stone it can be made to the tent (of course extinct). And such an improvised stove will provide warmth for many hours (barbecue photos).

Sofa Beds

Modern bedroom should be stylish, comfortable and cozy. However, in order to achieve this you need to choose and arrange the furniture. Modern bedroom furniture must also meet all the necessary requirements that are presented to it. It is on this issue in recent years and have worked manufacturers. As a result, extremely comfortable and yet very practical furniture for bedrooms Steel result of their work. But not every modern buyer declines opted for the bed, even though the bed, it would seem, is an essential attribute of the bedroom. The whole reason is that due to improvements technologies, as well as by modern developments attractive alternative to the bed was a sofa.

Yes, yes, the sofa. Modern manufacturers of upholstered furniture offered us a very wide range of variety models of sofas. By choosing a sofa for the bedroom should be approached carefully especially, because in addition to attractive appearance, it also must be very practical, reliable, convenient, but most importantly durable. However, not every sofa is designed for everyday use. It all depends on the type of conversion mechanism, which he has. Talk about buying a clamshell in this case would be somewhat silly. First of all, it is necessary measure the area of the premises, although if you have a technical passport at home or apartment, you will be one less problem. Having defined the area, we can draw some conclusions.

As a rule, spacious rooms best suited furniture is not very small sizes. If your bedroom area is poor, something about large sofas you have to forget once and for all. The best solution in this situation would be book and all its variants, for example, it is an unusual model – click-clack sofa. In addition to its reliability and durability it will be able to please their owners extraordinary comfort.


This article discourses on the history of the Amazon region. It approaches the cycles economic that had happened in this region, since the drugs of the hinterland until the cycle of the gold, with emphasis in the Region West of Par. Associate *Professor of the UFOPA with Mestrado in Economy Rural and Doutorando for NAEA- UFPA the HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE OF the Jarsen AMAZNIA Luis I castrate Guimares the beginning of the economic exploration of the Amaznia coincides with the arrival of the Jesuits who had established the mission of the Tupaiu, of Ours Lady of the Conceio, in 1661. The native population, much even so numerous, the work considered for the Jesuit missionaries was spread throughout the river Amazon, making it difficult. The use of a language and two dialects was another fact aggravation in the development of the Jesuit project. With the reuniz intention them in only local one, it was raised a ortaleza, place that today the School of 1 shelters Degree Frei Ambrsio, in Santarm-Par. Thus, the village was highly populated creating the necessity of a local economic activity. The production passed to be organized of rational form in which part of the population would be busy in the harvest of spices, calls of drugs of the hinterland, being distinguished: salsaparrilha, puxuri, vanilla, cravo, cacao, Brazilian cinnamon and pepper.

The collection was stored and later commercialized to give sustentation to the maintenance of the evangelizao. These activities had more than had the duration of two centuries, however with the great acceptance of the chocolate in the Europe, in the end of century XVIII, they had been substituted by the culture of the cacao. As the economic cycle of the region of bigger duration in the Amaznia was of the cacao production. It started as drug collection and it passed to be cultivated.

Username Platonides

Their existence has no sense for the marriage, which usually occurred between 15 and 18 years. It was a private act, a contract between two families. Interestingly, the Greek does not have a specific word to describe the marriage. We speak Greek””’, ANGUAGE literally the security bond, ie the act by which the head of the family gave their daughter to another man. The city was not a witness or recorded in any record this event to give women the status of marriage. Therefore, we must add the cohabitation. Often this is followed by ANGUAGE. However, it happens that the ANGUAGE occurred even when the girl was nina. Cohabitation is not the case but later. In general, the couple did not have something to say in their future marriage.
With his own person, a married couple also make her dowry to her new family. Generally consisted of money. The dowry was not property of the husband when the woman died without children or in case of divorce by mutual consent, the dowry should be returned. When the sum was important, the guardian of the married were often protected by a special mortgage, the Greek””””’, apotimema: is a very real commitment in return, a commitment shown by Love Hina. A lack of reimbursement of the dowry, land was seized.
Divorce initiated by the wife should not normally be permitted: only the guardian can request the dissolution of the contract. However, examples show that the practice existed. So Hipareta, wife of Alcibiades requested divorce appear in person before the archon. Plutarch’s comments suggest that this was a normal procedure. In Contra Onetor of Demostenes, is the brother of the wife, her tutor, who introduces the divorce.
Strict loyalty was required from the wife: her role was to give birth to legitimate children could inherit parental property. A husband who surprised his wife in flagrante delicto of adultery, had the right to kill the seducer in the act. The adulterous woman, could be returned. According to some authors, a husband would be circumvented the obligation to do so on pain of losing their civic duty. Instead, the husband was not subjected to this type of restriction could use the services of a hetero or enter into the matrimonial home a concubine (Greek”””’, pallak ‘)’ is often a slave ‘ but could also be the daughter of a poor citizen.

Jose Pessoa

Basically people look for who share our vision of the business. Franchise-holders, are direct or enterprising franchise-holders that they try, altogether with us, to develop a certain region. The fundamental thing is that they are deep connoisseurs of his market of installation, who understand the potential of a concept of business proven in 24 countries and have the sufficient dynamism for the development of a center of languages, explains Jose Pessoa, director of development of business of Wall s$street Institute. The investment to be franchise-holder of this standard is of about 150,000 Euros, including the canon of entrance, with royalty of operation of 7% of the sales and royalty of marketing of 2% of the sales. With this investment, the recovery of the contributed initial capital is of less than 36 months, with a invoicing the first year of 348.000. For the franchise-holder the business model robust and is verified. The force of the mark and the solidity of system provide a business that through the combination of pedagogical technology, to know how to make operative, and a reduced structure of personnel gives very good results in the account of operation of operator, affirms Jose Pessoa. Wall s$street Institute was created in 1972 giving answer to the enormous potential of the business of the education of English language, as much with the object of education by professional reasons like personal.

Sent initially in Italy, quickly it extended his centers of learning of the English language to Switzerland and Spain, expanding later to other countries. The growth of Wall s$street Institute in the last years has undergone a very positive evolution that has taken to him to triple its presence in the world, happening of 102 centers in 8 countries in 1995 to more than 400 centers in 28 countries at present, teaching the English language more than 140,000 students every year. This is what causes that is different from other competitors, who are a company of recognized prestige world-wide level with a proven method of education of English for more than almost 40 years of experience in the sector.


Companies to implement and manufacture of furniture there is enough. You can find affordable furniture or furniture luxury, but most important – is to find a functional and qualitative. For different furniture and imposed various requests. Consider the first type of furniture – baby furniture. Children's furniture must be not only solid, but also carry a list of tasks: taking into account age, psychological and physiological aspects of children's age; meet sanitary standards, to encourage play and cognitive activities of the child, to help the social and personal development of young people, responding to the needs and capacities of the child. Often the manufacturers children's furniture is divided into types by age of children: for teens, infants, preschoolers, primary school children and so on. The second type – office furniture.

Office furniture carries a little different problem than the children's furniture. Office furniture should be functional, solid and comfortable, as a working person spends in the office all day. This type of furniture should be specific to the workplace: accounting requires more than places for securities; reception can not be imagined without the rack with the Secretary workspace, as well as furniture for the incoming guests, office manager asks for expensive materials, as is the face of the company; negotiation requires more seats and so on. Acquisition of furniture for the whole office – it's not cheap need, therefore it is better to choose a furniture company that sells itself and makes furniture. As furniture manufacturers will be able to implement an individual project, to offer discounts to come up with absolutely different variations of furniture. One of the most popular parts of any kind of furniture – for your home or office – are computer tables.

They are directors, officers, students and children. Computer desks have all the right places for the speakers, monitor, keyboard, power supply, drives, and various little things, books, mice, documents, office equipment. Computer tables can be placed anywhere due to the exchange rate at the refusal of the conventional models with sharp corners. Dodatno to the computer table can order racks for CDs, a series of shelves, cabinets with doors or without. Computer Desks constantly evolving, adapting to the needs of people and left one of the most popular types of furniture. Furniture manufacturers can provide all forms, options, colors, materials, everything depends on financial reserves and preferences.

Aluminium Plastic

Ceiling cornice – a special device, curtains. Ceiling cornice for curtains made: wood, aluminum, plastic, string and profile. All of the above eaves wholesale can be found in our store. Planning and construction of houses and other buildings permits in advance to plan all the details and nuances, so choose the type of curtain for your future home Wooden curtain curtain curtain curtain ceiling made of wood preferred by those who appreciate classical music, loves beauty and quality of materials made of wood. Wooden ceiling cornices, not only have a long operation, and they still look good.

For sale is a wide range of products – ceiling cornices are a variety of shapes and colors with decorating. You can pick up a smooth ceiling cornice, meadow or convex round, the choice of the buyer's preferences. Plastic curtain plastic curtain rods ceiling attracting mostly low-price, which is quite low. It is worth saying that despite the low cost, plastic ceiling cornice often looks worse than the cornice. Most often, this issue underscores the prestige – as a wooden or aluminum cornice reasonably considered more representative and respectable than plastic. That is why most plastic ceiling cornices for curtains and blinds are used in offices and shopping centers.

It is recommended to hang in the children's rooms because they are easy to change, and they sold in various colors. Aluminium rods Aluminium curtain rods ceiling curtain suitable to almost any design – it nailushy option. Just worth noting, Roman blinds aluminum rods can not hang. In our online store you can buy artirey rods for curtains wholesale.

Modern Doors

Almost everyone who lives in an apartment block, has a typical apartment layout. The distinctive characteristics of this type of apartments are low ceilings, small, one might even say small rooms, and just as the crumbling kitchen. It may seem that in such an apartment can not bring anything, but you can only accept. However, this view is mistaken. These professionals, in the face of the architects, as well as Designers can make your apartment cozy and quite comfortable.

Before you start building design must carefully consider alterations to your apartment, as well as all the elements beduyuschego interior. The first problem which will have to face – this is a small area. Raise the ceiling or to increase it does not, but that visually expand the space available – it's real. Thus, to create a visual effect in first necessary to demolish all the interior partitions to create a unified interior space. In life, most often combined hallway, lounge and kitchen. Or just join the hallway with a hall or room with kitchen. If combine all three areas, we must, nevertheless, visually highlight the kitchen. This can be done by covering the floor.

You can use, such as parquet. A, respectively, to cover the floor of the hall to use any other floor covering. You should also remove the partition between the bathroom and toilet, the bathroom can also be put in place a compact walk-in shower. This action will allow the seat to the bathroom and washing machine. In general, remodeling the bathroom attached to the existing sewerage and water pipes. Also, you can expand the space using a large tile and the ceiling to stretch. In general, it makes sense choose a style and stick to it in every detail. For example, if you are impressed by the classic style with all its rigor, and at the same time elegance, then select all in the style. All down to the handles on the doors. If you choose this style, then perhaps you will approach the door volhovets, some models are made in classic style. If you want to follow the style of country music, for it is inherent in the use of materials such as clay, wood, and cotton and linen curtains and bedspreads. In short, natural materials.

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