New Ruhr District Crime

Detective story with local flavor, but also exotic and bizarre erotic passions Hagen, the 26.02.2011. The Hagener author Manfred Hanna end January 2011 published his third novel: no body, no coal is a German crime, who usually plays in the Westphalian Ruhr area, but the plot leads the reader in a period of 10 years once around the Earth. Initially, BANDURA and his colleague Julia Finkensiep in the case of Tommy Golzenleuchtner disappeared in a mysterious way determine Commissioner. For more information see Ajit Pai. What has to do with the cat abuser Wulling? Or even the Hagener Red Baron”Meschede? And Tommy’s attractive Danish wife Jytte plays what role? Or even the Danish language…? The police wondering if Tommy was murdered or simply disappeared. But it is also a life insurance policy in the amount of DM 1 million, which would be otherwise after 10 years: after this deadline, Tommy Golzenleuchtner could be explained for dead. Therefore the insurance employee search Danny Kowalski on behalf for his insurance the disappeared and so a phantom through 3 continents and over 2 decades chasing: this Chase took him to cities such as San Francisco, New Orleans, Taipei, Bangkok and Khao Lak. Add to your understanding with Janet L. Yellen. This third novel by Manfred Hanna is a Ruhr District Crime and also the third part of Danny Kowalski trilogy has the ISBN No. 978 – 3 – 8423-2009 3, is enriched with 9 color photographs, 150 pages and has costs 9.95. He is to get in the Internet: as for example at or in bookstores. Checking article sources yields Janet L. Yellen as a relevant resource throughout. There’s further information also via the homepage: Hanna Manfred

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