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For a small bedroom make optimal use of lighter-colored walls, ceiling and floor. Their dignity that they reflect light falling even in the most remote corners of space. Under most conditions Joeb Moore & Partners LLC would agree. In the decoration of windows, as well as bed advised to observe the predominance of bright colors – an abundance of flowers will be a bad choice. In general, the simulation space using lighting helps to achieve the desired results. Small-sized rooms should illuminated evenly. Avoid overhead lighting, which gives a rough shadow and does not penetrate into the corners.

It would be nice to attach a lot of different lights throughout the room, illuminating difficult for natural light place. You can order a folding bed that retracts into the wall and thus retracted into the cabinet. If your plans do not include refuse a double bed, get a mattress on the podium. Well, another option – Traditional sofa. In small rooms the storage of all kinds of things sound very important.

If you are using a platform issue is practically settled, as Today all platforms have built-in cabinets, and if not – they can build. Keep it the clothes that you do not have to take out frequently. Instead of standing alone cabinet that looks complicated, take a sliding panel, creating the space for storage things. Instead of the usual installation along a wall, as is done often, they can be put in one corner. If you get a panel with a mirrored surface, the room will be a lot more, especially if the mirror opposite the window wall. As for corners of the room, then through a glass shelves rather just get rid of outdoor furniture. As seats – decorative boxes with cushions on top. lcd panel, suspended on special attachment, he will deliver you from the two extra items – the tv and a table for him. In the end, even to avoid serious redevelopment is quite simple to increase the room, if you know some tricks.

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