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What is the mechanism of transformation is best? All 'for' and negative points. Currently, the furniture stores encountered a huge number of folding mechanisms for upholstered furniture. These mechanisms have evolved a long, varied, modified and so voila The choice is huge. They are: , clamshell laptop sofas. In such a large assortment is very easy to get confused.

You also have extremely important to make good choices, correctly identify their capabilities with features. Furniture production on a par with the fashion industry is growing enormous pace. Designers can offer a lot of ideas, different kinds of design solutions from which you can get confused. To make the right decision, we advise you to some of the rules that will undoubtedly come in handy when choosing. First of all you need to decide how it will unpack your sofa. If you have a voltage space for the unfolding, we recommend you choose a sofa called a 'book'. Just lean back and compared with the base of your couch.

It's very simple. But there is a 'negative'. Should be approximately 20 cm of free space on wall to the sofa could be transformed. following convenient mechanism – the so-called sofa – 'cot'. No doubt a simple mechanism of transformation. More recently, this mechanism is widely considered not strong enough. But Now everything has changed, a sofa – 'clamshell' is made for everyday use, itself obtained by a sleeper. Sleep well! 'Draw-out' sofa – it is unspeakable comfort. Just take a seat sofa, gently pull to yourself, 'pull' basis, and compensate the difference pillows. It's very simple. This mechanism is very popular especially among the sofas with angle ('dolphin'). But this mechanism, unfortunately, there is a negative point. If you constantly unfolding mechanism, with the passage of time may deteriorate the floor expense of wheels. We also recommend you buy a sofa made of wood. If you have a cat or other animals, upholstery priobretaytes fashionable with the 'antikogti'. Such fabrics are very dense, dense and abrasion claws. Will refund your choice!

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