Canine Training

This trio is the base for a good canine training. To learn, to think and to feel constitute a unit and are interlaced to each other of many forms. To learn In the learning it is very clear that also they play a role important thinking and perceiving. It is easy to teach a game to the animal if him reward with food. Which is not more than to satisfy one him with its more elementary needs, the hunger. With so satisfying the sensation with hunger, the animal and the people they are able to make almost any thing.

In principle one is this: the essential reason by that the people and the animal learn new things is because they hope to receive a reward for that reason. And this reward can be something more than eaten. Also the lifted intellectual pleasures more, like including a complex mathematical process or enjoying a piano concert, are related to a sensorial state that can be perceived like happy or exciting. To the beings superiors it is practically impossible to them to learn without implying in it his sensitivity. To think And what happens to the fact to think? All we know much that it costs to us to concentrate itself in something if we are scared. Often one is a feeling so hard that it does not let nor think to us. And to the animal the same happens. Before being able to do something they need to lose the fear.

Many scientific studies have been realised on the matter. In cases of intense stress it increases the capacity to be scared and they block so much the mind as you rule of conduct of the animal. To feel The man is not the unique being who feels happy when he is able to give with the solution of a problem; to the animal the same happens to them. A one of the previous conditions that we demanded to realise test of intelligence for dogs is that it is animal that are not scared nor are estresados. The brain of the dog needs to learn and to think. If the opportunity is not offered to him to do it, the animal becomes bored and then it can unload carrying out undesirable actions, mainly if he is young. It can mordisquear the furniture and to even get to destroy them. Therefore, it is necessary to offer to our mascot many stimuli in order to learn and to think, and to take care of that can develop well all their sensorial perception. In addition, it is necessary to leave plays frequently with other dogs. In the canine training it is not necessary to despise a very important aspect, the personality that has each dog. It is not necessary to forget that if for your mascot a canine training is difficult for him it is necessary to put to him tests simpler.

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