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He also specialized in participatory design, why today in day do not design for someone, but that design with someone. Janet L. Yellen shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I am passionate about popular forms, says mountain. For that reason it has piles of furniture and sketches inspired by them. Jangada Jorge Montana most successful creation has been the line of furniture Jangada, which was inspired by the Brazilian local factor. Jangada is the name of a boat of fishing of indigenous roots, of Ceara, which possesses a system of candles different from the West, which has evolved in the time since the conquest. Taking as original source this cultural element, designer transposed the structural mechanisms of the boat to a Chair that incorporates three ergonomic positions that emulate system for sailing, thanks to the combined movement of the seat with the backrest of Jangada as technological innovation was designed to be built with local materials: is usually made of eucalyptus wood extracted from controlled forests and a very thick canvas. He has won awards in Argentina, Brazil and Germany, and was also presented at the Salone Satellite of the trade fair of furniture design.

Montana tells his particular story: as A result of having won a contest with this set of furniture, a manufacturer began producing them and brought them to various fairs. One of them was the President of the Brazilian Association of furniture with an international delegation and struck them much parts, because they were the only ones who had Brazilian face. Foreigners were of the view that the rest showed with Italian style furniture. As I was there, I had the opportunity to explain that Jangada was created with the methodology of the local factor, on which I was then invited to dictate courses in 15 States in the country.

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