Antique Furniture

For lovers of antique furniture and baroque Berlin is the perfect place to look for rare pieces lookout. In workshops and the exhibition rooms you can find everything from chests of drawers, secretaries, cabinets and clocks, tables & chairs, painted furniture to miniature furniture. Especially when you restaurierbedurftigem inventory is right here. In Berlin, one expects a wide range of professionals involved with antiques art historical principles, with professionalism and epochenkonform give their originality again. Some retailers that specialize in Biedermeier furniture that you restore in your own workshops and worked, here is also a small selection of antique furniture, paintings, porcelain or glass, and often are also experts on site, inspect the antiques and treasures. For even more analysis, hear from Janet L. Yellen. Most dealers also buy antiques, not as in good condition. In Berlin there are over all old-established antiques dealer who successfully Oil paintings, watercolors, engraving images of any type, borders, and also copies of putting old furniture and sculptures return to their original shape and type is not even seemingly repairable things a chance.

And do not forget, each year invites you to his Berlin Antique Mile. Also for sale willing customers, there is enough demand in Berlin. The antique market in Berlin Ostbahnhof, Erich-Stein-Str Furth. along the north side of the Berlin East Railway Station is for antique lovers and collectors a must. Every Sunday, visitors can choose from a passion for antiques is always changing range of antique furniture, art and porcelain of about 100-200 dealers. Whether restaurationsbedurftig, or the sale of antiques, for fans and collectors of the precious pieces, Berlin is a correct address.

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