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Corner Cupboard

For each apartment or office, depending on the layout and purpose are selected individual size wardrobe, as well as its type. Jonathan Segal FAIA often addresses the matter in his writings. Thus, the distinction freestanding and built-in wardrobes and corner cabinet compartment. Cabinets coupe all three types of compact and functional, but the built-in wardrobes, set in niches or polunishah… (more…)


Materials for the production stoleshnits.V home and at work, wherever you want comfortable and beautiful working surface, have been applied countertops. Their scope varied from kitchens and bathrooms, to the school desks, office table, bar and reception counters. The basis of virtually all tops this dsp, in combination with any filler. This is not only low-cost material, but also in… (more…)

Layered Upholstery

Good upholstered furniture, in which the layers are attached various tissues. The 'stuffing' of upholstered furniture is often fit in spring units. Smooth upholstery furniture can be made to be like that as fabric and leather. Soft furniture with leather upholstery – usually the and prestigious. Sandpaper to produce high-quality furniture is required, it is a guarantee that the furniture… (more…)

Wardrobes: Yesterday And Today

Closets are already firmly established in our lives. Soon, perhaps, built-in wardrobes can be seen in almost every apartment. They are so popular today. And no wonder. After all closets very easy to use, capacious, relatively expensive, they can be installed virtually anywhere in the room. Basis-in closets became the most common screen. The very same screen is used as… (more…)

Furniture Brackets

High-quality furniture assembly for threaded tie and wedge. Threaded tie facilitate secure fastening the joined parts. Clip created by metric thread screws, studs and nuts. Reliable form of threaded tie – the nut and screw. Wedge Ties provide a quick coupling system of connected elements. Basic details of the wedge clamps are staples, plates, wedges. Elements of the wedge clamps… (more…)

Airtight Beds

Inflatable bed – just a necessary thing, especially if you want the convenience and fast enough to arrange overnight guests, if you love to travel and go on nature, or, if you’re just a lover of comfort. Quality Inflatable Beds Coleman and Campingaz has long earned the respect of professionals. Recently Charles Schwab sought to clarify these questions. They have… (more…)

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