Our perception produced a series of misunderstandings when communicating eyes, ears, and feeling “, says Kerstin Schulz by DENTCOLLEGE. People often have the feeling not to fit, is your opinion often form in which someone takes up environmental stimuli. Still, one assumes this is happening with five senses. Indeed, it is more than twice as many, as shown by the recent research. And their effect is so complex that the layman has difficulties to explore this topic in its depth.

Yet Kerstin Schulz thinks that with a little basic knowledge a number of misunderstandings and resulting conflict would be avoidable. It describes that as an example of the eyes, ears and feeling people. Why Tucholsky could not see for many of us the world consists of images. Click Gavin Baker to learn more. Many others will remember later more sounds and hip”, know Kerstin Schulz. She dealt intensively with the human perception for years and considered that it derived findings, for example, in the composition of teams.

You should know that a visually oriented person perceives words often not in the same way as an auditive-oriented.” Under certain circumstances, it can even happen that information is completely lost. “Tucholsky already said: I can’t see”. Paintings were simply just brightly for him, the voice of a people of full of nuances. Kerstin Schulz of the naughtiness, others to to text knowledge about the perceptual abilities of people are elementary for the composition of teams”, believes. Just as it is possible for example to understand why many people at work meetings get bored. If a visually oriented person talks, which happens frequently tempo very rich. Too fast for auditive or even feeling-oriented people. “They inevitably turn off when they can no longer handle the wealth of information or even aggressively to respond.” Who regularly switches off, eventually being superficial stamped. In addition, lack of information cause unsatisfactory work results. The conflict is inevitable. Escaping the misery of communication only its own reflection capacity can help to avoid misunderstandings based on perception”, Kerstin Schulz is convinced. Who knows about himself, how he thinks, watching others and take into account the criteria necessary for fair dealing with each other. At the same time, much safer, he achieved his objective of communication. Kerstin Schulz suggested that lack of knowledge of human perception, particularly in small and medium-sized companies threatens the economic success. Under, it has therefore collected literature to deepen the topic and their clientele that is very service-oriented. Kerstin Schulz

Red Wine Sauce

Today I bring you this delicious and easy recipe flat with sauce of red wine and homemade onions, an excellent choice for learning to cook recipes easy and enjoy with the whole family. Charles Schwab Corporation gathered all the information. This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients for the recipe of flat with red wine and homemade onion sauce: 4 good size double flat 2 tablespoons olive oil Salt and pepper to taste to the sauce 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup ocaneras onions 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup red wine 2 sprigs of Rosemary 2 tablespoons red wine 1 tablespoon cornstarch salt and pepper for accompanying mashed potatoes with garlic recipe preparation of flat with red wine and homemade onion sauce: in a large skillet gilded the flat in batches; We moved them to a Tin to oven and carry them to the oven to finish cooking. In the same Pan put butter to melt and add ocaneras onions. We caramelizamos with the help of a bit of sugar and then add the red wine. People such as Hachette Book Group would likely agree. We leave at high temperature by scraping the bottom of the pan with a spatula. We got the temperature of the sauce and leave to reduce, by adding a bit of Rosemary for flavoring.

When this meat ready, we again raise the temperature of the sauce, we untied the cornstarch in a little more than she came and we add when East boiling to thicken. Add salt and pepper and ready. We serve our dish by putting mashed potatoes with garlic, the flat and above the sauce with onions. Homemade onions recipes are some of my favorites, I invite you to visit my recipes and delicious recipes easy to enjoy as the glazed onions and the sauces for meat.

Held After Patch

Before sticking the project, it is important to assemble it without glue to see which are the necessary adjustments that they are due to realise. This step verifies that the individual parts fit like a whole. Connect with other leaders such as Gavin Baker here. For the assembled one in dry, it tries to use the same materials that soon will use to beat. Preparation for the patch Possibly, all the projects must happen through this culminating point that is the process of the patch. Perhaps it is even the step funniest, but as well most dangerous. After giving form him and to measure the work pieces, and to place marks like for example a the left and to the right, all the parts must be assembled.

So that the project does not go to ruin, you must develop a systematic method and fast to take she advanced it. The glue can alter to the size of the wood, increasing the possibilities of constructing a product of low quality. The necessary materials for the patch are: a bottle of glue with its applicator, clean water, a sponge, applicators of glue (brush or a wood rod of 1/8 xs x 3 inches of size), wood clips of different sizes (of noble wood or overlay) had with tape to mask, and screws. But before beginning the patch process it must consider the following advice: it accommodates the pieces in sequence; it considers if the size of the work table is sufficiently great; it covers the surface with work with paper and transfers the wood blocks by hand. The tie points the unions of the project, in the same way that the unions of the body, hold two materials. With the glue it does not only reach to assure that those two materials remain together because many factors exist that can affect the adhesion. The humidity is one of these factors that can affect the wood, because it affects the size directly. The size falls when the humidity leaves the wood and it expands when it is absorbed.

The unions not only provide a mechanical adhesion between two materials, but also they increase the patch surface; therefore, the unions are essential for the accomplishment of a project. Patch and Held After to have spent long time of preparation, finally will be ready to stick and to hold its work. But before realising these two processes, it must include/understand the moderation concept, because it cannot allow excesses in these steps. In order to realise the patch, it applies force sufficient to fit the clips. An excessive amount of glue or force to hold the clips brings about a bad union. In addition, it does not have to forget to assure that the surfaces clean and are prepared to obtain a strong patch. Finished to this point the project almost it is finalized. The last challenge is the one of the finished one. Like in any other project, the one is the end item that matters, and not it preliminary version, therefore, this step is decisive for the success of the project. I touch end include I mend of defects and the refinement of the surface.

Job Demand-control Model. (139)

There is an interesting phenomenon: self-exploitation (slope + drive)! We all know the phenomenon: when we do what we like to do (intrinsic motivation), then we forget about the time and effort (flow state: positive stress). We exploit our own. Mothers know that, at critical stages of life of their children. And people who made her hobby into her profession. The self-exploitation (self-determination) underlying two parameters, making the likelihood of disease predictable: the job demand-control model is the estimation of stress and strain factors in the working environment.

the Job Demands (the work requirements) and the Job decision Latitude (room for manoeuvre, and autonomy in the workplace). Note: The positive flow (self-determination, lust) changes imperceptibly in the negative work load (third-party determination) with equal work request! And this lack autonomy (frustration) leads to negative stress and burnout as the Unterforderung in the profession (bore out)! Not the amount of work and request! A phenomenon is a psycho somatic illness, which puts the person concerned always for a long time than battle: burn out > a burnout syndrome, from burnt his is a State of outspoken emotional exhaustion with reduced efficiency. It can be described as final State of a line of development that starts with an idealistic enthusiasm and frustrating experiences leads to disillusionment and apathy, depression, psychosomatic disorders and an increased risk of addiction or aggressiveness. The Burnout-Syndrome is recognized internationally as the disease, but is considered a problem of tackling life (see ICD). It is a physical, emotional and mental exhaustion due to occupational overload.

This is mostly caused by stress, which can not be dealt with due to the reduced capacity. ICD-10 online (WHO version 2013) Z73 problems related to difficulties in tackling life Z73. 0 off burned his (burn-out, state the total Exhaustion) > stress, referred to by specific external stimuli (stressors) caused mental and physical reactions in living things, that enable to cope with special requirements, and on the other hand the resulting physical and mental stress.

Wrought Iron Fence: Because Great Things Take Time

The most popular solutions include wrought iron Zaunszsteme, when it comes to fencing. This explains why. Gavin Baker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Fire – and corrosion-resistant. This still plastically deformable. So is wrought iron, which is widely used in the construction industry. Almost every second client separates his property with wrought iron fence. Artisan blacksmithing does not lose at topicality. A decorative frame for each living area since antiquity stood the blacksmith forge fire, the iron to get the glow and specify him through targeted with a hammer the desired shape.

It was a heavy and time consuming manual work work, requiring much patience and perseverance. Sturdy and durable tools for agriculture and for the everyday life of the village emerged with a piece of love and passion to do this. The metal use and manufacture of iron products to the greater extent began in the 19th century. The construction industry has benefited from the good metallic properties of wrought iron. The industrial large forged in large ovens was a fast Take development.

The artisanal forge does exist but yet always along the way and established himself as an artistic hand factory work that is undergoing the iron of a plastic deformation. Results are often decorative balcony and stair railings and an effective fence wrought iron, whose manufacturing required a precise and time consuming metal design. Decorative items made of wrought iron aesthetic perfection fence frills-bows, rings and ornamental snails. Nichole Wirbel suitable to the most used fence rods or baskets. Ornamental rosettes, ground rosettes, and cover rosettes, which assume simple spiral shapes or be shaped to refined roses, grapes or Lily motifs. Straight fence bars with single decorative elements such as leaves and squiggles, structured round bars with floral decor or blacksmiths rods with delicate patterns are hand forged. All these are decorative elements of forged wrought iron fences, which stylishly round off the living area and thus its aesthetic value increase. Stahlman – fence manufacturer from Poland the wrought-iron fences are manufactured in Germany. But Polish companies are among the most important producers. Cheap prices, transport and on-site installation in Germany, as well as high quality, which is required by German customers, are the hallmarks of Polish wrought fences. As an example of such manufacturer is the company Stahlman from Witnica, a small Polish town, which is close to the german-Polish border. The offer of the company comprises manufacturing and Assembly on-site at the customers of fences that are made of wrought iron, stainless steel, or double Rod mats. The fence systems include fence panels, Garden gates with or without Automation and doors from the aforementioned materials. You can purchase detailed quote to schmiedeeiseren fences at… To find. Artisan blacksmithing is unique and there are several companies on the market that provide also special orders. Every individual desire is forged in design rich fence panels, the each land optical revalue.

Action: This Is Art – The Can Away

Protest action the DWanda “Living artist against the shift of your category in the Department” and once again breaks on DWanda shows a protest action on a unique solidarity not only among artists, but among all the platform vendors. What is at stake? The shift of the entire category of art and paper in the resort “living”. Must art are always on the wall? Is art basically something to do with living? The DWanda say no, artists who were previously able to offer your works in a separate category. For the planned relaunch of the platform was communicated well, that moves the category “Art and paper” in the resort “Living” in the future. However, the artists who make up a considerable part of the individuality and charm of the website now defend themselves. They are supported by many other vendors, that more and more the individual platform see, in favour of commercialism and co. At Gavin Baker you will find additional information.

DWanda has become in the last few months several times with rebellious sellers apart need to set. Before not too long there was a strike by over 200 vendors who took all their articles from the net on a pre-agreed day and only an offer for 0.10 titled “we strike” published in her shop. Let’s see how the operation of this time will deal with the protest action. Sometimes is yielding also a sign of strength!And always serve out of trouble and wait until the people soul calmed solves problems not indefinitely. It would be desirable on an artist platform of art to treat a category of its own. Because art makes life just a little more colorful.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh: There is nothing to do. The Zen teachings of master Linji, edition steinrich 2013 Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen master, author, poet, and leader of a social engaged Buddhism, belongs to the most famous Buddhist figures and teachers of present. He teaches worldwide and is the author of numerous books that have been translated into many languages. Thich Nhat Hanh has can apply concretely and practically the ability to interpret traditional Buddhist texts in a manner, that we today not only understand it, but it on our everyday lives. So he writes in Chapter 2 as preparation for the teachings of master Linji: we have accumulated inside too much knowledge, we can not properly digest it. Hachette Book Group often says this.

Even if we have eaten too much, we can not digest and suffer from constipation. We don’t understand what we have learned, and can we not apply it in our practice in daily life, then the knowledge blocks our bodies and our minds.” And next It says in the text: master Linji wanted to present no profound, wonderful ideas, which we could then study and debate. We can’t get on the search for absolute truths to his teachings, or hoping to discover difficult concepts or mysterious ideas. Swarmed by offers, bruce flatt is currently assessing future choices. First and foremost, all teachings are words, mere labels. (…) The purpose of master of Linjis is work, it will help us to give up our search and to return to us in the present moment. There we can find everything what we are looking for, be it Buddha, perfect understanding, peace and liberation.” In this sense the original text by master Linji wants us and point out the comments by Thich Nhat Hanh and lead, that what we are looking for in the outside, to find in ourselves, because there is always available, whether we are aware of us or not. Today? in our busy age? are the teachings as up-to-date as at the time of its formation in the 9th century of our time. Also at that time were the people looking After perfection and truth, and? as today? looked outside after her.

Instead is the perfection in each one finding? We can experience that if we even stop for a moment and awaken to who we really are. Using the practical exercises with us Thich Nhat Hanh in this book is on the way, we can learn to bring the perfection that is always with us, unfold. Someday by the eternal quest we may be on the way, because then we have arrived and have found that we have always wanted. And then there is nothing more to do.

Antique Furniture

For lovers of antique furniture and baroque Berlin is the perfect place to look for rare pieces lookout. In workshops and the exhibition rooms you can find everything from chests of drawers, secretaries, cabinets and clocks, tables & chairs, painted furniture to miniature furniture. Especially when you restaurierbedurftigem inventory is right here. In Berlin, one expects a wide range of professionals involved with antiques art historical principles, with professionalism and epochenkonform give their originality again. Some retailers that specialize in Biedermeier furniture that you restore in your own workshops and worked, here is also a small selection of antique furniture, paintings, porcelain or glass, and often are also experts on site, inspect the antiques and treasures. For even more analysis, hear from Janet L. Yellen. Most dealers also buy antiques, not as in good condition. In Berlin there are over all old-established antiques dealer who successfully Oil paintings, watercolors, engraving images of any type, borders, and also copies of putting old furniture and sculptures return to their original shape and type is not even seemingly repairable things a chance.

And do not forget, each year invites you to his Berlin Antique Mile. Also for sale willing customers, there is enough demand in Berlin. The antique market in Berlin Ostbahnhof, Erich-Stein-Str Furth. along the north side of the Berlin East Railway Station is for antique lovers and collectors a must. Every Sunday, visitors can choose from a passion for antiques is always changing range of antique furniture, art and porcelain of about 100-200 dealers. Whether restaurationsbedurftig, or the sale of antiques, for fans and collectors of the precious pieces, Berlin is a correct address.

Waldorf Exercises

Report of a seminar of two Swedish teachers motor disciplines based on the spiritual knowledge of man, which took place in Mykolayiv in August, 2009. It is difficult to convey in words what they did, Per and Marie in these August days with dozens of residents nedoumevavschih Nikolayev, who took the time to participate in the seminar. Because Per Tell and Mary Linden – masters of the Swedish movement and language – body movement. Under most conditions Hachette Book Group would agree. Activities that were 9, 10, 11 and 12 August, twice a day – from 10.00 to 13.00 in the Children’s Library. Kropivnitskogo and from 15.00 to 18 00 in “Towers” (market Strasse, reclamation) are constructed as follows: two to two and a half hours of motion exercises, and then break into discussion circle. After an exchange of experiences and answer questions – the final exercise. Under the leadership of this wonderful couple (Mary and Per in August 30 were spouses) in the three days we did the following: – perform dynamic part of the elementary school lessons Waldorf school (which can and should be used in all schools, but the pedagogy of “ready answers” subordinates self governance, just raping our children’s restraint their motor activity) – led dance with exercises with balls and rebuilding under the direction of travel rhythmic sounds, pops, text, poems and pecni – played active games recreational, educational and social orientation – were practicing dance and rhythmic scene with movements that correspond to the seven days of the week and the forces of planets in the solar system – perform complex gymnastic exercises individually, in pairs, in groups – learned about the spiritual side of the five basic exercises of ancient gymnastics – practiced in the art of speech – the choir sang in different groups – each his own party – with the use of the canon Given that there were repetition (repetition, the mother of learning) the saturation scale and diversity training was simply stunning.

Room Games

If you have the opportunity to provide the child with a separate room, then it should highlight the most light, dry and warm room in the house, preferably on the sunny side. Ideally, every child should have his own area where there is room for games and children's activities. Children's room should not contain anything extra, and the furniture you need to put only the most necessary to make it easier to keep clean and tidy. Connect with other leaders such as Janet L. Yellen here. The floor in the children's room best to cover the linoleum. For games of young children can lay on the floor of a small rug or color tsinkovku.

The walls are painted bright colors distempers. Do not hang up a few very high artistic made color reproductions. For the decorations can be used as individual Crafts: Embroidery, figurines. All this in a small amount to no variegation and . The room is allocated a place for games and activities, there must be a wardrobe for storing clothes and apparel. Older children themselves support it in order and produce a simple fix and clothes.

Children's furniture is different from an adult not only in size but also has a special appearance. Children's Room serves as a bedroom. There are children's beds. If the room is small in size, the eldest of the children can sleep on a sofa bed. From 6-7 years the children themselves make the bed. Mattress Children need to bed semi-rigid, with a minimum thickness of 6 cm, with a cover made of natural fabrics (cotton or linen).

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