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For example, if you choose the building of your faculty in the University as your Palace of memory, you could put the list above (computer, clock, beach, underwater, Leon, bottle, Eagle, camera photos, poster, book) in one of the laboratories of practice, associating each object in the list with objects inside that classroom. You could associate another list of objects to objects inside another room and so on. This is a much more complete than the previous system of memorization. Although it is also more complicated to learn and use at the beginning. 7. The alphabet (according to Buzan) system created by Tony Buzan. A word that begins with that letter or its pronunciation starts with the letter you choose for each letter of the alphabet.

Example: To Abbot B BEata C barley CH patent remember the list of objects by linking every word that corresponds to a letter with the object to be memorized.(A) with computer, beata (B) with clock, Abad 8-system greater also called Mental locker or phonetic code. Consonants are associated with numbers from 0 to 9 and, with vowels, words that are then bound form with objects to memorize. Do example: 0 r ring letter r appears in zero 1 t d Te 1 shape? It is similar to the inverted t letter. d by similar pronunciation to t 2 n, n year n has 2 sticks. Gavin Baker spoke with conviction. n by similar handwriting n 3 m rust m has 3 sticks to remember the list of objects in the set order, you link hoop (0 position) or tea (position 1) with computer, clock, mildew with beach, 9-year Dominic system created by the British Dominic or brien, Volantes of the world memory Championships eight times. Given the certain complexity that involves learning the latter and more powerful system of memorization, I simply mention their existence. For more details, see: what is the Dominic system? Reference: what is the method of the Parrot to memorize? Original author and source of the article.

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