Brazilian Life

Destecaos ahead urban, worried modern urbanism in saving the life in cidadesjunto appeared varies it chains of thoughts, pautados ideas and concepts naqualidade of the ambient life in the urban way, primando for exignciassanitaristas and tracing new concepts of what it would be the ideal city in termosde housing, circulation, urban drawing, among others. To put one of the biggest problems that the grandescidades face today, is the planning absence that meioambiente harms and the lives of those and of that they live in risk areas, for lacked ambient conscience without counting that they always are in areas without saneamentobsico suffers with the sewers the open sky and the diverse caused illnesses porfalta from personal and ambient hygiene. Had tantomodernismo, the urban space is suffering each time more with the impactosambientais and me the quality of life of many, characterized for the estticamodernista to the base of rationality and austerity is folloied by the disdain old acidade. (HAROUEL, 1945). On aquesto of the physical instability in these areas Davis (2006) it described ' ' ecologiadas favelas' ' citing habitations located in the Brazilian cities of BeloHorizonte and So Paulo, where ambientaldessas called the attention for the vulnerability communities, that are located in laterticos ground, terrenoserodidos edesfiladeiros. They are thus, considered points unstable of the social point of view and the point of vistafsico with precarious elements of urbanization. With basenessas Cavalcanti reflections (2008) raised some questions as: he will be quealgum chooses to live in peripheral areas? Accumulated in mounts, ambientesinsalubres, areas of risk? The reply a time is negative that the people notm choice and if they agglomerate in these spaces who are the possible ones for the poor camadasmais of the society, considering the economic logic of production dascidades. For this researcher, the production of peripheries, of slum quarters, poor debairros or areas is the result of articulated systems of action econtraditoriamente social.

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