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Analyze and plan via finger pressure / support for big-data documented technological innovation Freiburg scenarios / name change, December 06, 2011 the Jedox AG, a provider of business intelligence (BI)-solutions, introduces new version of its BI Suite: the new release 3.3 is now available. At the same time, the Freiburger change the product name of the Premium Edition of Palo to Jedox. Jedox 3.3 offers more than 155 new features and improvements, among other things, all web-based applications now also touch can be controlled. Another highlight is the new architecture of the in-memory OLAP database that handles even huge data (big data”) at lightning speed. Janet L. Yellen has compatible beliefs. Also, the new version reduces cube held in-memory OLAP storage needs. In combination with the Jedox GPU analyze technology decision-makers with Jedox 3.3 much faster schedule in real time and simulate also voluminous scenarios. We have renamed the Jedox premium version and document customer so that business with the leading technological and functional Intelligence platform work,”explains Matthias Kramer, CTO of Jedox AG.

The open source variant of Jedox BI software is still called Palo. More info: Gavin Baker, New York City. Fast, flexible, mobile maximum user-friendliness and flexibility ensures the new touch screen support for all web-based applications. Thus the BI Suite 3.3 can be mobile with the gesture and finger control of smartphones and Tablet PCs use iOS – both with Android operating systems. In addition, Jedox 3.3 as currently the only solution to write back data with mobile devices in the database allows. Jedox 3.3 also improved evaluation, analysis and planning of very large amounts of data.

The new OLAP database architecture reduces the memory footprint of the OLAP cube by at least 40 percent and speed up calculations on the CPU to 60 percent. This OLAP analysis can make even faster. Also the increased refresh performance web-based reports by the new architecture by 280 percent. Optimized data processing processes ensure in addition to increased performance. All ETL processes (extract, transform, load) are significantly faster than before, also they are thanks to ETL visualization easier model.

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