Infantile Psychiatry

In 1784, after to visit plants and workshops in France with intention to verify what he could be used for the deficient appearances, Valentin Hairy established the Society of the Diligent Blind people and praised the importance of the tato in the education of the blind person. In the end of century XVIII and beginning of century XIX he only has beginning period of the specialized institutionalization of people with deficiency and from there, had beginning the call Special Education. However, this education occurred of well different form of the education destined for considered children normal. This education was a refugee outside of the towns, that is, segregations in institutions that if considered to take care of, to protect, at last, to give assistance who needed. However, for backwards to this everything, one was about a form of ' ' livrar' ' the society of the contact with these carriers of deficiency. But, with passing of the time, the development of the scientific knowledge of the research around the deficiency carriers, had been being discovered scientific solutions, conception of health, study on behavior and of as to deal with the same ones. Amongst that they had contributed for this we can cite: Pestalozzi, that created a type of education based on the direct comment and the active participation of the pupil.

Jean Itard, that wrote a book with comments and studies that had served later for Infantile Psychiatry. Frederico Frebel that created the methods in which if had based the used programs in all the countries and introduced the game in the school. Lous Braille that for having if become blind the three years, was the creator of a graphical system for blind people, who after some alterations, became known as ' ' Braille.&#039 system; ' Sguin, that established nineteen schools special in the United States. We can still cite Harris de St.

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