One of the instruments to consider and that provides the disciplines to the service of the social control (among them Psychology), is everything what it refers the standardisation, like expression and signal than it must be, and that it comprises of a type of located thought, been born from the union of the social behaviors and the relations of being able. The standardisation, like daily function, would suppose the institutionalization subjetivizacin- than he is correct and than it is not it. The correct thing is in agreement with the norms and the incorrect thing will be the conducts the discordant with norms and for that reason persecuted transgressors. For that reason, as it indicates Canguilhem (1976) (1), in the context of the life the normal term does not have any sense absolute or essential, but clearly relational. Learn more on the subject from cabinets. In our analysis, when positioning us of critical form, we are questioning that the reality exists regardless of the way in which we accede to her. To this we can take it positioning from the hand of the perspective of the socioconstruccionismo that we saw in Ibez (1994) (2). This way, the regulation or normativizacin of conducts, feelings and thoughts, does that it is described like problematic the different thing, which is not true, neither legitimate, nor valid, or the prohibited thing.

As it happens with the trasgresin. Learn more about this topic with the insights from kitchens. This to skip the norms, supposes that the subject has not been able to adapt to the law constructed in society, and also supposes the necessity that the established social powers take care of it, and conduct cogoverning battles to straighten those deviations, and they even penalize them. In this sense, Psychology has played the most important roll, because from all branches, and together with the western modern thought, has contributed to normalization indicating what is desirable and good, when indicating the correct values, beliefs and traditions for each social system.

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