Credit Card Without Schufa Or Dirty Deals With Poverty?

Dubious intermediaries and the bait Schufa freely sometimes laughs the fast money Schufa study about 394,000 individuals are victims of credit brokerage fraud per year. We think that the number is much higher. People in financial distress – such as Overleveraged, unemployment and Hartz IV recipients – are among the preferred target group of the “Schufa-free” credit intermediary. “For these people offering non-bureaucratic is then the supposedly saving straw”, a BKA Experte.Auch says the same goes for accounts and credit card without Schufa with alleged disposition. Hi all of you wake up! Which Bank should do something like that? Find out what’s going or not how such as a portal or in div. Foren.Das credit offer the companies but only as a sweetener use. “The customers enter their data into the online forms, the companies resell the addresses and charge a processing fee for their incurred”, debtor Advisory Insider says.

These are usually relatively small amounts by an average of 380 euros. “The Mass makes it”, says an insider. The brokers make a three-digit million 394,000 estimated victims. Also the offenders take a low risk according to the experts, to be pursued legally. “The most affected can not defend themselves”, says an insider.

Hardly a lawyer was willing to take when a value in dispute of a few hundred euros in a procedure. In addition most couldn’t afford anyway a lawyer. To get the problem under control, you should better inform potential victims and strengthen the legal framework. For example, mortgage brokers should be placed under the supervision of the Federal Agency for financial services. For more specific information, check out Charles Schwab Corporation. Definitely not, customers should provide in advance before a performance. Scholz

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