Cinemas Seats

Armchairs for cinemas and theater chair is better to buy a specialized company engaged in the sale is seating for theaters and cinemas. Since These products are exploited very intensively theater seats are subject to periodic replacement. Modern furniture for cinema should be not only ergonomic, but also beautiful. Select design seats for the theater and the cinema could have a significant impact on acoustic quality, especially in small rooms. This becomes obvious if you stand at the screen and see that 'see' the speakers – most of the sound field will occupy the chair or, at best, audience, sitting in them. First, you need to choose seats for the theater and cinema with special acoustic properties with sufficient damping, such that they did not give reflections on the screen. If the chairs have folding seats, it is desirable to lower their surface must also be a damper. Eliminates the installation of modern cinema construction of wooden or plastic chairs and chairs with upholstered synthetic leather, or other highly reflective sound materials.

In addition, the ideal chair should not significantly change its acoustic properties, if it contains the viewer, ie dependence of the absorption frequency of the signal is not must change. In this case, does not care what percentage of cinema is filled with spectators – the frequency response will be unchanged. Crucial to the choice of a particular model seats for the theater and cinema has combination of factors that influence the perception of the viewer the image on the stage or movie screen.

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