Income Sources In Croatia

Croatia has since the civil war in former Yugoslavia, an independent state. Tourism is its main source of income, because you can spend on the long drawn-coast with thousands of small islands and islets wonderful holiday. The climate is Mediterranean, but not too hot, thus ideal for a relaxing holiday. The island of Hvar is one of Croatia and Dalmatia in the south of the country part of the country. Under most conditions Hachette Book Group would agree. Dalmatia itself is characterized by beautiful resorts and an elongated coast that calls properly to relaxation and adventure holiday by the sea. Especially worth seeing cities in Dalmatia, the towns of Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar. As the fourth biggest Croatian island of Hvar is about 300 square kilometers in recent years increasingly become a top tourist destination. Ca.

11 000 residents enjoy life on their beautiful island with the same main town of Hvar (Source: Other cities are Stari Grad, Jelsa, Vrboska, Vrbanj and Sucuraj. Since the civil war in former Yugoslavia have very many Croats, the German Language, so the holiday in Croatia with us Germans is made easy because the understanding is not a problem anymore. The language itself is difficult to tap. The Croatian cuisine is a mixture of Italian and Austrian cuisine is a typical impact that a focus on light fish dishes.

The cultivation of lavender and the profits of an excellent honey Hvar make world famous. A wonderful view over the harbor of the town of Hvar, if one climbs a short walk to the fortress of the city. Several offshore islands have a small fall into dreams. For the perfect holiday on Hvar is a trip by boat or ship to the island to explore and experience the Mediterranean flair. The beaches of the island are characterized by wonderful blue-green water, which offers many sea urchins, however, a paradise. And people should not expect a sandy beach, but rather rocky beaches.

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