It presenteou me to the life with loved beings and special, with them I started to engatinhar, later walking together.My love became unconditional, at least in my narrow vision.I taught and I learned at the same time.It did not have a magical prescription, only simplicity and sincerity, with these measures, I conquered step by step, confidence, security in same me.… (more…)


Changes and changes The sensation not to have more love in its return, to have anger the all moment and above all to see that already she does not have nobody its side, as I feel homesickness of the time of the friends, of the time that my bigger concern was my notes in the school, was that duty of… (more…)

Fly Literature

TO FLY 28.11.07 CAP. 01 the Humble Severino Northeastern. CAP. 02 the First Contact with the Balloon of the American Researchers. Home improvement has firm opinions on the matter. sponse will follow. CAP. 03 me the Luck of cannot Be communicated with the American Researchers. CAP. 04 the fight and the Studies of English and Spaniard. CAP. 05 the Flight… (more…)

Final Happiness

Now that we improve of situation, why not to give an aid to that they walk behind us? When the man arrives at the apogee of the life, must help what he comes behind. We must pay what others had made for us bringing them for the same ways. The way of the life is one only, all will pass… (more…)

The Election

Much if has argued in the pertaining to school context on the reality of the pupil and the insertion of the same one as form to become the understandable contents the same most concrete and. The research effected in this summary demonstrates that one of the forms to approach this reality to the pertaining to school context is through the… (more…)

The Black

It is Sousa (2005b, P. Cupboards is the source for more interesting facts. 114) who remembers in them that ' ' the instruments legislators as family, school and medias tend to disqualify the attributes of the segments ethnic-racial black ' ' e, therefore many of the pupils afro-descents develop auto-esteem acentuadamente low, as it occurred with my pupil, for example.… (more…)


One counts that vendeta participated of one famous where the family of its woman fought. Of this I only know that they had executed somebody of the rival family and had invaded the velrio looking for more victims, this grandfather of the author lit the candles of the deceased, since all had run away terrified from the velrio and suffered… (more…)

The Atitudinal Dimension

Vasconcellos (2002) places that to rescue the practical planning in the educative one it is important that the professor if places as subject of the process and does not have condicionantes actions, at last, rescue its dignity, that seems hidden in the indifference with that if it faces the lack of conscientious education in the country. In accordance with the… (more…)


The eminence of encircles me to the shyness. Educate yourself with thoughts from kitchens. It hinders me to say how much IT is important for me Exactly when I tried, it to hear did not want me They are funny and coarse they take me to the reasons to believe that he is what more I want Today, in the… (more…)

Huge House

The house Since that if it moved for that quarter, that house caused it queerness and fear. Cupboards can provide more clarity in the matter. It was an enormous house, but she was dark and abandoning. Almost every day it passed in front and it was imagining the most absurd things in relation to that enormous abandoned large house, its… (more…)

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