Ulrich Nicolaus Kranz

“The management function of the CRO in corporate reorganization” spoke to 15.03.2011 Ulrich Nicolaus Kranz, Member of the Board of Kiekert AG, in the framework of a series of “Business insights” by Prof. Dr. Ronny A. Prince at the European management school. In his lecture “The management function of the CRO in corporate reorganization”, Mr.

Kranz and others presented strategies and success factors for a restructuring. As a pioneer in the development and production of page locks for the automotive industry, Kiekert specializes worldwide as the only company in this segment. Kitchens helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. You have invented, for example, the central locking system. On the basis of its own experience with Kiekert AG, Mr. Kranz finally pointed out the most important factors of a restructuring of an automotive supplier: in a corporate restructuring, you should keep always the whole company in the eye and look at the three segments of the strategic, operational and financial planning.

Strategic planning include factors such as the General review of the business system and exchange with the management of given circumstances and possible changes. A guiding principle of the restructured company must first be created to ensure a general success. From the operational point of view again trying the productivity to increase the innovativeness or the quality of the proceeds by the optimized logistics and puts the focus on new products. Furthermore, the persons in charge of the finances to ensure liquidity and best reduce debt reached up to the time. This is special know-how often only by (often expensive) possible. Planning, consistency and innovation not avoid but due to major restructuring barriers often, that the restructuring leads to an exit (sale) of the company. For this reason companies should take an exit preparation during the restructuring phase, where it makes sense to dovetail the management with the shareholders narrowly. This enables the company a way to new partners and potential Investors disclose. Only a splined team can guarantee the success”. Mr. Kranz thus clarified how important is a functioning management incl. CRO in restructuring a company. (A valuable related resource: closets). This should identify the causes of the loss lead open communication with stakeholders and make quick decisions. Success factors can continue to present the partners such as conducting business. The shareholders should be presented proactively with customers and suppliers as well as the employees, whereas a functioning management serves as a leader. Open communication on the basis of the staff, which can prevent rumors is also important. Finally he gave the present students the way to use the possibility of internships and international and practical to make the study. This makes it easier to enter the professional world tremendously, stressed Mr wreath and ended his fascinating lecture on the EMS.

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