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Agricultural Product

As much in the mortgage how much in the distrainment and the alienation trustee, the goods given in guarantee can be discriminated in the context of the Ballot or document to the part signed for the drawer (wing), with mention, in the Ballot, of this circumstance. For real against third, the Ballot of Agricultural Product must be enrolled in the… (more…)

Hospital Administration

The health problems and mental voice of teachers seriously affect everyone involved in education. They, before beginning lesson should prepares themselves in planned, tested and emotional in to order you avoid diseases, such stress, that will lead you endless years of psychological treatment away from the often classroom and also, dysphonia, loss of voice. Dysphonia The is caused by change… (more…)

Agricultural Product

Valley to stand out that the partial payment of the obligation of delivery of product waked up in the Ballot does not deprive of characteristics the degree of liquidity, certainty and liability of the document having to be written down in the verse of the ballot for liability only of the remaining balance. In what the cartularidade says respect we… (more…)

Economic Domain

Moreover, the modifications proposals affect the structure of financing of the politics social, particularly, the entailed resources to the expenditure of the social security, education and work. The main points of the reform tax are: ) The creation of a Tax on Valor Adicionado (IVA-F), with the extinguishing of four federal tributes (Contribution for the Financing of the Social security?… (more…)

The Knowledge

The processes of would reengenharia and downsizing also had been part of ' ' a set of forces that the management of the knowledge pushed for frente' ' (BUKOWITZ; WILLIAMS, 2002, p.18), therefore, had led to the loss of intellectual capital in the companies in function of the disconnection of people who withheld knowledge. After the exit of these people,… (more…)

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