Soil Samples

When deciding on the color delsuelo to the diferenteshabitaciones of the House we must remember certain aspects, such as the effect that created the light and the dark colors, ladecoracion room and the dimensions of the same. Clear grounds reflect light and give visual amplitude, so they are ideal for dark rooms or small spaces. This type of soils have the advantage of combining perfectly with most decor styles and in addition creates a unique effect, if we paint the walls of dark and cold colors or place furniture and accessories of the same hue. The dark floors, on the other hand, reduce visual optics of an environment, so they are widely used in large spaces to create harmony and transform a room too wide in a very cozy place. Owings & Merrill understood the implications. Create a great contrast with light tones or pastel walls, as well as dark colors in furniture and accessories. In rooms where you want to create two rooms distinguished as a dining room, a great idea It could be paint each zone of a different color, since thus each will be well-defined. We must also take into account when deciding on the color of the soil, the color of furniture that is in the room, that the ideal is to create harmony, or achieve a good contrast. For example, if the furniture is very clear, the soil should be well dark.. Source: Vadim Belyaev.

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