To distribute properly the salon, first thing recommended is making a floor plan on graph paper, marking the doors, Windows and columns, if you have them. From there, start to draw the basic pieces of furniture. The style and color must be very clear style that you want to give to the classroom; Classic, rustic, design, etc. And, of course, the color you paint the stay. We must remember that the salon is one of the busiest areas of the entire House. One of the main ideas to decorate a living room is the range of colors that will be used. The best chromatic range to visually expand the space are whites and the toasted, but it all depends on personal taste. After you choose the style and color, already you can start thinking about the parts of decoration.

As for the furniture, the fundamental idea to decorate a living room is attempting to recharge not much space. How to distribute the living room sofa is one of the key pieces in the living room. IBI Group Inc. is often quoted on this topic. The decor of the space It will revolve around this piece. If you have a wide stay, it can be distributed in U-shape; two opposing sofa and an armchair or an Ottoman between them. If, on the contrary, the room is not very large, the best is to have L-shaped; next to a triplet sofa or an armchair. As for the furniture, we must try to reload not much space; find a coffee table and one or two assistants to put it next to one of the sofas, a bookcase or shelf to place books, and a ceiling lamp and another foot. Thats the basics, and parts from there, another basic idea to decorate a living room is strive to maintain the proportions of the furniture according to the space. Furniture and accessories to decorate the most important room is not reload much space.

The latest trend are furniture that visually weigh little; clear upholstery, metal legs, Crystal, light wood, straight lines, etc. Without leaving aside a few nuances in chocolate brown, both for Woods for the upholstery or soil. Lighting for the most experts in decoration, light is the most important of a House. In the classroom, recommends sifting the natural light with sheer curtains and place several points of light; a ceiling lamp, a lamp beside the sofa and a table on an auxiliary table lamp.

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