Room Games

If you have the opportunity to provide the child with a separate room, then it should highlight the most light, dry and warm room in the house, preferably on the sunny side. Ideally, every child should have his own area where there is room for games and children's activities. Children's room should not contain anything extra, and the furniture you need to put only the most necessary to make it easier to keep clean and tidy. Connect with other leaders such as Janet L. Yellen here. The floor in the children's room best to cover the linoleum. For games of young children can lay on the floor of a small rug or color tsinkovku.

The walls are painted bright colors distempers. Do not hang up a few very high artistic made color reproductions. For the decorations can be used as individual Crafts: Embroidery, figurines. All this in a small amount to no variegation and . The room is allocated a place for games and activities, there must be a wardrobe for storing clothes and apparel. Older children themselves support it in order and produce a simple fix and clothes.

Children's furniture is different from an adult not only in size but also has a special appearance. Children's Room serves as a bedroom. There are children's beds. If the room is small in size, the eldest of the children can sleep on a sofa bed. From 6-7 years the children themselves make the bed. Mattress Children need to bed semi-rigid, with a minimum thickness of 6 cm, with a cover made of natural fabrics (cotton or linen).

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