Italian Polystyrene

The founder of frameless bag chair furniture was the Italian designer from Italy Ezare Paolini. At its core, seat bag is two capsules one to another with polystyrene pellets inside. Check with cupboards to learn more. The outer shell is made of artificial fur, artificial leather or any other matter, such as denim. There are also chairs bags made of leather. The inner capsule is produced from non-woven fabric – spunbond, which used in agriculture, medicine, clothing and furniture industries as well as in construction.

This fabric is virtually weightless, but at the same time, durable and easy to wash. Well as to its merits should include environmental safety and toxicity. Polystyrene beads that fill the inner cavity of the bag chair is a biologically safe products whose structure is at the ninety-seven percent is from the air. His insulation is similar to the properties of travel rugs allow people to sleep on the ice, without the danger of hypothermia. Thus the seat bag is suitable for use outdoors whether it be a picnic in the country or fishing on the lake. Expanded polystyrene biologically neutral material, it does not create an environment for bacterial growth. Not for nothing polystyrene, has been successfully used in the food industry for the production of disposable tableware and packaging products. Has a medical opinion of the Moscow Institute of Hygiene to them. ff Erisman. Seat bag manufactured using Styrofoam with ease takes the form of a man who sat in it. Thus voltage is removed from the back muscles and your spine is really relaxing.

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