Back Mattress

Mattresses ormatek called orthopedic, thanks to which they are intended to maintain a horizontal position the spine in the correct format. Physiologically safe form of the spine has a number of bends, such as human spinal column you will see: The vertebrae of the cervical spine man just a little bent towards the front of the torso, vertebrae – Back to the torso, the vertebrae of the lumbosacral – as and neck toward the front. The radius of curvature of the spine sufficiently significant, at the same time, relatively strong. There are cases when these curves more visible than the physiological norms, such curves are pathology. Front view and back completely normal human spine is a straight line. If this line is the curve of state is also a pathological sieve. For the good functioning of the spine and other matters, need to charge for a lifetime. Very useful are the slopes of the forward and backward, and rotational exercises that help strengthen the back muscles, due to this spinal column is able to maintain its form. Kitchens wanted to know more.

Indeed, if a person walks or sits spine person deviates slightly from the straight position, but the muscles on the back helps keep him as close to the correct format. But if a person is in a horizontal position, the muscles relax and the spine person does is not supported. In this case, to help him can come only from the mattress. Very good mattress – mattress – to to maintain the anatomical shape of the spine and keep in a horizontal position relative to its level position. It is recognized that the most favorable for the spine mattress – a mattress with a high degree of rigidity. Specialists have refuted this belief that this is a lie. Ormatek mattresses under the order are useful as a rehabilitative tool in the presence of various diseases and pathologies of the spine.

However, only on the recommendations of physicians. If the mattress hard enough, then, for example, lying on his back straighten physiological curves. For example, if infringement, a mattress can be useful in other cases not. The hard orthopedic mattress in position on the side of the spine person becomes uneven. Therefore, sleep on your side, get a soft mattress or soft rigidity. With such an orthopedic mattress your shoulders and hips slightly imbedded in the mattress, and the waist will be supported by independent springs, orthopedic mattress matramaks.

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