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Four Highprofile Exhibition Openings

Common summer festival on September 4, 2009 joint summer festival on September 4, 2009 four high-profile exhibition openings in the Cologne District Hall galleries one of the first cultural highlights after the summer holidays is available on Friday, September 4th, 2009, in Cologne on the program: download the galleries in the district Hall at St. Aperschnalzen Street together with jeweler… (more…)

Institute Education

Now is that holistic education is not a fashion education, or common, non-disciplines, or strategies, is an education for life, is equilibrium based on spirituality, an integration of knowledge; art and science to create a culture of wisdom. We did a transformation with the master, we are in a process of clarity, serenity, balance and equanimity. The holistic word comes… (more…)

Ergonomic Perfection

Good Executive Chair optimally at the time when no one called the Executive Chair, Executive Chair, it had only the thoughts to develop some chairs that are comfortable and stand out from the crowd support not only the boss in his work. The natural course of things is that they like the heads and they put them in their rooms.… (more…)

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