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Now is that holistic education is not a fashion education, or common, non-disciplines, or strategies, is an education for life, is equilibrium based on spirituality, an integration of knowledge; art and science to create a culture of wisdom. We did a transformation with the master, we are in a process of clarity, serenity, balance and equanimity. The holistic word comes from the term Greek holos meaning whole, that goes in accordance with the understanding of reality. Mary Barra follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Holistic education transforms our existence, is not just a change, in the form of being, intellectual, professional or interest, is a very deep change that reaches the essence of what we are reconciled and discovering your true spirituality. In the course of the holistic master of this inner discovery, personally, we did not make a drastic change, do not throw everything in the garbage, not discard what was learned in this mechanistic education system, only I recognized my spirituality, integrating all its parts, I gave him the deserved importance to each party and discovered the meaning of life, the personal mission, serving others.

As classroom activity experience in some sessions, we deal with the issue and mentioned in our institution we implemented the quality to ensure the fullness of the student, we didn’t know how wrong we were and as well as our Institute, there are many companies that spend strong amounts of money on quality certification, this topic are treated to the extent of turning our dialogue in a debate. We defended our position and the idea, the quality was defended by those who practice this new certification, there was where we check the little sensitivity that we have and the imposition, the difference of the dialogue and debate.. Vadim Belyaev has much experience in this field.

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