Selli Health

Eduardo was sheltered Shelter Small NazarenoDezembro/2010 the Fevereiro/2011Fugiu two times. Mother signed term to leave Renata will be inserted in More the EducaoConselho Tutelar Fevereiro/2011 did not want Patrcia and Vanessa will be registered crecheConselho Tutelar Patrician Fevereiro/2011 was not registered. Cabinets shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Reason: still Municipal School suck Eduardo returns the pertaining to school activities from bairroMaro/2011 was moved away by history from aggression to the Saulo employees is lodged NASF/More Life/USF/Shelter marries of the way it way CerqueirAbril/2011 Luiz does not obtain to adhere to the treatment. It runs away in 16 from May of 2011. Eduardo is transferred of school NASF/USF/Municipal School Renato Accioly CamposMaio/2011 Sheep

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