Roberti Rattan

Days of heat are an invitation to congregate the family and the friends around a relaxed chat or to degustar light plates. This pleasant meeting to the outdoors with all the comfort of a room imagines to be. This exactly, to the outdoors. It believes, that is possible! The new furniture of garden produced in aluminum and synthetic fiber had allowed to designers of interiors the true creation of this ‘ ‘ oasis’ ‘. The furniture produced in aluminum and synthetic fiber is distinguished for design differentiated and its long durability. The synthetic staple fibres had come to substitute natural staple fibres, as the bamboo, rush, rattan, banana tree and wicker in the manufacture of garden furniture.

They possess aspect of natural staple fibres the same, however, resist the solar heat, rain, maresia and rays. The padding of the furniture is coated with fabrics special as the nautical leather, screen sling and the fabric aquatic, that is made of compound of cotton and waterproof materials (Aquablock example of the Kersten). The aluminum structure allows application of the furniture of same garden in environments next to the edge martma. For minor who is the space, designers of environment obtains to adapt the garden furniture to create relaxed spaces, and at the same time sophisticated, to relax in the hours of recess in the hot days. Small terraces or privative areas can be adapted. The majority of the manufacturers is extrangeiros, but already plants of furniture of garden with international quality exist in Brazil. It sees below the marks of the manufacturers of which the images had been extracted.

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