Polhovsky Independence

To do this, and now the old recipes are suitable. Potato starch. It is best to handle them soft and crumbly lime. This primer is used, for example, Polhovsky Independence, and so closes the pores, which makes it easy to put on a wooden surface ink drawing. Starch can be birch, maple, pine but does not like wet soils, from this it can tread on the "edge". If starch is dark and dense Beech, one time, it has not turned a whitish unnecessary. Brewed at the rate of starch 1 teaspoon no slides for 1 cup of water sufficient for processing of multiple surfaces. Paste should not be very thick, lump-free.

Coat the workpiece should be as long as it is warm, you can right hand or a flat wide brush. It is important that the surface is not formed nodules (eg, turning up a notch products), they should be immediately removed. After Hard to dry a little first with a soft sandpaper 0,1, and once or twice, repeat the procedure. Filed under: Yael Aflalo. Zashkurivayte surface of neat, is not chaotic motions in one direction, but not much, or erase all caused by the starch. Egg white. Gently separate it from the yolk, remove the flagellum, slightly whisk and hand Now spread the surface.

Dry, treat the surface of the workpiece with emery paper. Gelatin. Will be sparse according to the instructions on the packet and is applied similarly to starch. One coat of nitro lacquer (NC). Varnish should be sparse necessary, it can be thinned with solvent or acetone.

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