Now we can not even imagine life without a pillow. To sleep to be healthy, you must correctly pick her. Despite the large selection – making pillows based on two types of filler – both natural and synthetic. Natural fillings – natural and environmentally friendly. But they may not be suitable for people suffering from allergies. Their disadvantage is also a high price and need special care. Synthetic Fillers are generally cheaper than natural ones.

Behind them are easy to maintain, many can even be washed in a washing machine. But many regard them suspiciously because of artificiality. Pillows with natural napolnitelemSamy popular pillows filled with natural – it's down-feather pillows. They are well absorb and evaporate moisture, it is easy to recover the amount. Down-feather pillows are not suitable for people suffering from allergies. Cause allergic mites living in a pillow, or rather the products of their life. To prevent the proliferation of mites, you need to put a pillow in the sun on a summer day, at least once a year. Shoe bags can be carried out by companies specifically dealing with this.

Down-feather pillows rather short-lived, they should be replaced every five years. Pillows filled with wool, have a positive effect on human health. This effect is ensured by the fact that wetted wool fibers cause an electrostatic field. Wool pillows can beneficially affect the human body for rheumatism, pains in muscles and joints. The disadvantage of such bags is that filler may matted after several months of operation, and restore it would be almost impossible. Pillows filled with cotton, are the cheapest. These pillows do not cause allergies, but wool quickly slips, and the cushion is necessary to change a new one. Another type of pillows – pillows filled with buckwheat husks. Buckwheat husks have aromatherapy properties, helps to relax and rescues from insomnia.

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