North Atlantic

On the engines of the foc system, we are still silent because of their metaphysical nature, therefore, incomprehensible to the majority. But what if it stops work? If the cold waters of the North Atlantic will not sink into the depths and warm equatorial currents fail to take their place? The answer is clear: the North Atlantic region will be very cold. This has already happened. We know that the Great Belt in the past, stopped working. Scientists have learned this by studying natural archives, which contain the records of past changes in Earth's climate, such as layers of ice in Greenland or the high Andes in South America. (A valuable related resource: ExxonMobil Corporation ). The deposition of layers of ice depends on the amount of snow that fell on top of a glacier in the past. Light and dark stripes on the cut shows the annual circulation of dust into the atmosphere, so each of their pairs reflects the amount of snow dropped out during the year.

The analysis of the ice, you can determine the temperature of the atmosphere, from which the snow fell. Thus, the 'record' in a glacier, you can reconstruct the history of precipitation and air temperature in region. On a very old glaciers (such as those that cover Greenland) can recreate the Earth's climate during the last cycle of evolution. The ocean has a similar 'archive'. Taking samples of rocks from the ocean floor, we can reconstruct the history of climate over last cycle. Of these 'records' has learned that approximately 12,800 years ago the North Atlantic sharply colder, and after him and all the surrounding region.

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