Our perception produced a series of misunderstandings when communicating eyes, ears, and feeling “, says Kerstin Schulz by DENTCOLLEGE. People often have the feeling not to fit, is your opinion often form in which someone takes up environmental stimuli. Still, one assumes this is happening with five senses. Indeed, it is more than twice as many, as shown by the recent research. And their effect is so complex that the layman has difficulties to explore this topic in its depth.

Yet Kerstin Schulz thinks that with a little basic knowledge a number of misunderstandings and resulting conflict would be avoidable. It describes that as an example of the eyes, ears and feeling people. Why Tucholsky could not see for many of us the world consists of images. Many others will remember later more sounds and hip”, know Kerstin Schulz. She dealt intensively with the human perception for years and considered that it derived findings, for example, in the composition of teams.

You should know that a visually oriented person perceives words often not in the same way as an auditive-oriented.” Under certain circumstances, it can even happen that information is completely lost. “Tucholsky already said: I can’t see”. Paintings were simply just brightly for him, the voice of a people of full of nuances. Kerstin Schulz of the naughtiness, others to to text knowledge about the perceptual abilities of people are elementary for the composition of teams”, believes. Just as it is possible for example to understand why many people at work meetings get bored. If a visually oriented person talks, which happens frequently tempo very rich. Too fast for auditive or even feeling-oriented people. “They inevitably turn off when they can no longer handle the wealth of information or even aggressively to respond.” Who regularly switches off, eventually being superficial stamped. In addition, lack of information cause unsatisfactory work results. The conflict is inevitable. Escaping the misery of communication only its own reflection capacity can help to avoid misunderstandings based on perception”, Kerstin Schulz is convinced. Who knows about himself, how he thinks, watching others and take into account the criteria necessary for fair dealing with each other. At the same time, much safer, he achieved his objective of communication. Kerstin Schulz suggested that lack of knowledge of human perception, particularly in small and medium-sized companies threatens the economic success. Under, it has therefore collected literature to deepen the topic and their clientele that is very service-oriented. Kerstin Schulz

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