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In the control room, a constant vigilance and concentration is expected of the employees. Finally, each alarm situation must be managed efficiently and without error. In the control room, a constant vigilance and concentration is expected of the employees. Finally, each alarm situation must be managed efficiently and without error. The operator contributes not least, their physical condition to the desired alertness and concentration. Therefore, JST offers its customers professional advice when it comes to the choice of the institution of the control room. On the workstations of Stratos CommandDesk by JST meets far more than assume the EU directives for this.

Due to its multitude of functions he is the central element on JST furnishing very setting ergonomics. His appealing, minimalist design is the core of the concept in the control room designed by JST. The Stratos CommandDesk carries out a professional, multifunctional workspace. The stepless height adjustment of the desk offers each employee Body size, in addition to a comfortable seat, also the possibility to work up and standing. For assistance, try visiting Rex Tillerson. The Panel design of the desk on the bottom provides the necessary storage space for cables and connectors.

In this, with a removable rear panel accessible, utility room receiver for keyboard/video/mouse signals are housed. The machines themselves are stored in the server room. So to prevent noise and heat directly at the workplace and he appears very much tidier and cleaner. A special detail of the desk represents the PowerPort-data module withdrawable on demand with power supply and network access for laptops. So, the temporary connection of another employee in the workplace is no problem. The PowerPort-data module can be equipped with USB ports. Also when multiple tables are combined, the Stratos CommandDesk sets highest standards. Arrangements are U-shaped, convex or concave curved and straight possible. So is the concatenation of the tables nuanced. Also, JST for the environment furniture has done extensive thought. For extra storage such as different types of container and task lights are offered. Also cabinets, sideboards and value compartment cabinets are in the program by JST. Partitions for small seating areas are ideal for short meetings in the control room. Subtly, even crisis rooms can be separated from the actual control room. There is the JST Shutterwand, a real highlight! This puts a milky white veil between the control room and emergency staff room due to electrical voltage, and so at meetings, ensures the necessary isolation from the control room. The Shutterwand is turned off, it offers an unobstructed view of the window on the large screen in the control room, which especially in Krisnsituationen an unhindered flow of information can take place. Thanks to the numerous combinations, the possibility of formation of own corporate identity is also up in the control room. The whole planning is the interested party on the basis of photorealistic perspective drawings shows. Before planning however, JST checks the status. These include of course the individual work processes, the information hierarchy, especially but also the requirements of the employees. The arrangement of the individual work areas happens of course in accordance with the perspective and see distances to the large image wall and taking into consideration legal regulations and directives. Contact person for more information: Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG Internet:

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