Burkhard Wagner

Getting started: installation and inauguration of the 16.9.2013 gave the house owner Burkhard Wagner box at the listed facade of his house on Hans Mielich square 2 not only a new home. Grabbed the skilled craftsmen to equal the mounting to the 16.9. vigorously with. After transformation by the artist, the formerly gray container with a bright orange and a carrier pigeon attracts the attention of passers-by. First flushes the previous response to the mail box was surprisingly brisk.

When two flushes the artist among other poems sent the deceased artist Anneliese Vitense, a girlfriend, a whole self published poetry book called abscesses”, the sealed report of a ski tour (poorly readable, but with photo) and many small handwritten works, partly illustrated or pasted over with dried flowers. As the Visual artist on the poetry came the Munich artist Katharina Schweissguth, as a visually-oriented artist from font and Fascinated by language. Adam B. on Yale West near Shaw can provide more clarity in the matter. She has worked as a book designer and co-editor of an online portal for forgotten words (retropedia.de) on the poetry she came but due to a bet. A friend tried in vain at a pub evening quote Schiller’s Bell. Then the two friends promised to memorize a poem each until the next meeting.

In the search after appropriate verses she stuck again banned the texts. To read more click here: Mayor of NYC. Their enthusiasm for poetry has continued since then, and she would like to connect now also other joint. Important here, she finds that the poems in thick books go stale or eke out an anonymous existence as data on the Web. Because: Poetry can enrich our daily lives. We can write it, give away, speak for us or put them on the bathroom mirror.” So, there is the idea of making poetry on the subject of work of public art. The curriculum vitae of a post box the artist had a used mailbox from an eBay classified ad purchased. The letter box, which was covered with many even reselling, comes from the budget of the legendary photographer Sibylle Bergemann and Arno Fischer. They had recorded a number of abandoned animals on their land in the vicinity of Berlin and labeled the box in addition to their own with names. According to the daughter of the late artist and Vorbesitzerin of the box, these were: an idiosyncratic cow, two ducks, two dogs, Aviary of full of birds… All somehow saved, almost each of the animals would have its own story to tell. “so not only the writer of the poem and the artist, but also the box bring his own small Vita in the project. The postal address of letter box: Poetry letterbox Hans Mielich Platz 2 81543 Munich about the current events is constantly informed poesiebriefkasten.de on the site. Katharina Saleem

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