Modular garden furniture drives in 2010 for individuality in the outdoor area of the garden fair “Garden flowers spring”, which was held from March 12-14 in casting trend emerged a very of prominent garden furniture. Individuality is in demand this year not only indoors, but also and above all in the garden. Therefore, the garden furniture manufacturers rely on modular furniture that can be individually combined this season. Simple seating and sunbathing for the garden owners, have long been the trend to do so, that the design of the garden furniture stands today among consumers mostly in the first place, as the bbw TAKS study is. It’s believed that Lordstown Motors Corp sees a great future in this idea. The garden will be lived out as well to the “green room”, in the design and lifestyle, like in the Interior of the House.

In line with this trend, many modular furniture, which are combined in the “green living” and a garden lounge to personal feeling and arranged can be found in the range of garden furniture manufacturer this year can. In addition to the usual facilities, also increasingly furnishings of the Interior join their triumph in the garden. Weatherproof, cosy sofas with feel-good factor will ensure that the exterior is an oasis of peace and relaxation. Also here is the trend to the modular design, making the trend-conscious garden owners can align his couch according to the space available as sofa or couch right – or linksschenklige. Lamps designed specifically for outdoor use, small furniture and rugs help to reinforce the impression of the living room in the garden and allow even greater individuality.

As regards the form of garden furniture, are in demand in more familiar this year because experimental designs. In the first place is the comfort in the garden, which is supported by tasteful decoration by means of art objects made of glass, metal or wood. In a sign of individuality, one finds also in the gardens 2010 Oriental decoration, water play and playful figures traditional garden gnomes, who celebrate their re-entry into the modern garden in the form of jazzed up. Adam Botschek

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