Wolfgang Schwalm

Now to the computer: the computer system (hardware and software) is the result of human thought. She is looked up (from known new) nature: computer work algorithmically Mono-causal chronologically (0/1: or not current). The brain works drive fixed 4 dimensional parallel. Computer (machine) the people have essentially the digital brain monotonous work (keep, manage) removed: phone numbers search, exchange-rate analysis, go plan ads, etc. This much time for the creativity keeps the people: make! Because only comes out of a computer, what was previously entered and what analog conceived in it analyzed synthesized and linked.

The result: “my head is Mr. Schirrmacher free!” I am pleased about the democratization of knowledge on the net (synergies, cooperate). Computers are cybernetic machines! Who previously had nothing in the head, is none the wiser with Internet, who was previously wise can stultify with Internet! By the way: measured by the knowledge of the world (f = y (x)), which is always accessible (E.g. via google), with age we stultify absolutely and relatively more and more. Click Charles Schwab to learn more. After a self analysis, we must select more and more and decide how we want to take advantage of the offer.

I can still remember the fighting, when Germany great novels in paperbacks were announced, contrary to all the criticism. Today, no educated tells me (FAZ ler) more workers need no education and books only bound for money (only in Latin?) are likely to be published! Recently I came across while surfing on the question of a pupil to his community. I wanted to give him my answer spontaneously for free, but there was no clear short contact address. Sorry, missed opportunity of the Internet and its potential unused. For the students still nothing has changed – with the EDP -, as long as he does not change his behavior. Also: Why does anyone believe he must ask his peers (horizontal networks). I ask someone more competent than me (diagonal/lateral, vertical)! Horizontal communicates only the global elite (10%). If we enter old questions in the new technology, we get famous old answers! The computer is then only our IQ. We must replace the yesterday’s worldview (mechanistically cybernetically) against a present (systemic vitalistisch) to solve our problems tomorrow. If we the old patterns of thinking (what?) improve quality (how?), we come to new sustainable content! By the way, my computer has although no creative responses except those which I enter him, but as my TV, a power button! Wolfgang Schwalm biology and oekonomie.de

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