Wagner System GmbH

The QuickClick silencer, a patent-pending invention of Roland Wagner, is a completely new furniture glides. He solves an old chair manufacturers and users: round pipe Chair produce noises when you move, vibrate and difficult move. Brokerage firm follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Chairs that are later retrofitted or equipped from the factory with the QuickClick silencer, glide gently and noiselessly and thereby protect every floor covering. “” “This world novelty was awarded the same triple: the iF product design award” 2011, the international design award Baden-Wurttemberg, focus open “2011 and until a few days ago with the nomination for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany” 2012, the highest German Award. Chairs”is now no torment for sensitive ears, the QuickClick silencer provides pleasant acoustics in home and Office. Because the unwanted vibration and loud noises, which produce with conventional gliders, chairs are almost completely absorbed – with an elastic vibration damper, which is inserted into the tube and complemented by a compatible base supply using a suitable glide.

The unique effect: Nothing jerky, bockelt, hop, or squeaks more. And, wear or change the flooring the gliders in the blink of an eye can be exchanged without special tools just with a click”. There the QuickClick silencer in many different designs, suitable for all common pipe diameters. All info can be found in the QuickClick catalogue, which is available on the website of the manufacturer for downloading.

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