Upholstered Furniture: Upholstery And Filling

Which is better, fixed or removable upholstery cover? What materials are "filling" of sofas and chairs? Upholstery & Co. Distinguish upholstery and removable cover. What is the difference between them? The main plus a removable cover – hygiene and the ability to easily replace it. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC pursues this goal as well. It can be washed or dry-cleaned to send, and when tired – replaced. However, a removable steering wheel is not supplied with all models of upholstered furniture. Basically it is easy today sofas and chairs on the metal frame. In addition, the case in most cases made of fabric and very rare – from the skin. Stationary upholstery can be removed only specialist in the furniture workshop where they make constriction of furniture.

But this is perhaps its only drawback. The rest of the stationary upholstery is good: it is made from durable textile, leather or imitation leather, decorated with all sorts of graphics and decor, or conversely, perform self-colored. "Stuffing" the sofa and chairs are spread two constructions filling seats upholstered furniture, from the spring block and no springs. In both cases, soft layers with different properties. Most substitutes springs – PUF (polyurethane foam) and latex. The latter is used only in expensive furniture. Foam can be a block or cast. Soft interlayer While spring or rigid polyurethane foam are the basis of seats, and other materials provide comfort.

They also cover the back, pillows, and sometimes arm rests and headrests sofa. Today to distinguish between three types of layers of comfort: synthetic, natural and combined. The first group includes hollofayber, Dacron, etc. perioteka (The names are usually patented manufacturers.) This is the synthetic fibers of various shapes and lengths. The second group consists of feathers of waterfowl. Read more on the website

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